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Hope Sage was born as the first child of Unique heroes Mentor (John) and Kinetic (Sue).   She was named because of their hope of a world they were working to create.   Shortly after her birth her parents joined the League of Seven, a global superhero team intent on helping the world just as and Kinetic wished too.   Hope and her adopted sister Conscience traveled with their parents around the world as they learned both academics and heroics from the best of the best.

Pre-coma Telepath
Pre-coma Telepath

When Hope was thirteen she took on the name Telepath and helped her parents in their work.   She worked with them for four years in total, working both with her parents and on her own.   By the time she was sixteen she started to try and work all on her own and step out as her own hero, not just a shadow of her parents.   Before she managed to make this separation a reality, the New York Disaster hit which killer her parents and placed her in a two year coma, leaving her the last psion alive.

New Guard

After waking two years after her last memories, Telepath escapes from the lab she finds herself in.   Rushing home she learns of this new world which is much darker than the one she left.   Despite the tragedy she decides to continue on a form a super hero team just as her parents did before her with the same goal in mind: bring hope to a dark world.

Telepath takes on her mother’s uniform except for the cape, a memento that she has to earn before she can wear it.   Together with her childhood friends Kid Quick and Motherboard, she tries to find other Uniques to help her form a team.   She collects Scout, the sidekick to renowned vigilante Ghost; Singe and Quake, two self-styled heroes who don’t always operate inside of the law; and Michael, another Unique following in the footsteps of a superhero family member.   This team becomes her team, the New Guard.

Using the SAFE room her parents left behind, Telepath and her team train to take the place of their forefathers in the task of helping the world.   Despite her good intentions the team has a few initial issues but these are soon sorted out.   During the beginning of the New Guard Telepath learns that there is more to life than training as she begins to befriend her teammates outside of just practicing together.   Their initial few fights against real adversaries teach Telepath that working on her own is much harder than she thought, but she still continues striving forward.  

Telepath vs. Covet
Telepath vs. Covet

The first encounter that really affects her and her team is their capture by the Goth Girls.   Telepath is kept in a machine that nullifies her powers until Motherboard breaks the two of them out to reconnect with the rest of their team.   Hope fights the other team’s leader who copies her powers.   The fight exhausts everyone but the New Guard comes out ahead as Telepath finishes her psonic fight with a punch to the Goth Girl’s stomach.

After the fight everything seems to be calming down before the decision of registering their team comes up and fights begin.   Hope wants to keep the team legal and is in support of registration as she has already been registered under her parents.   Quake disagrees and the two get in many a fight over the topic before it finally comes to a head.   Trying to keep the team together, Telepath offers another option: go to to get amnesty from Countryman, one of the biggest heroes in the nation who was a family friend of Hope.   While there Telepath learns that they were lead to D.C. by Countryman to stop Taskforce from taking over the government.   In fighting the government team, Hope ends up facing down Countryman, despite their years of friendship.   She wins only to learn that someone is controlling his mind and to save him she has to kill him.

Telepath does as needed to save her long-time friend, saving the President in the process.   Her team is well-received as she would have hoped but a later conversation with Michael reveals that Countryman’s death still weights heavy on her mind.

Powers and Abilities

Using her telepathy
Using her telepathy

Telepath is a well trained telepath and telekinetic.   She has the ability to fly as well as make telekinetic shields and basic telekinetic movement.   As far as telepathy goes, she can read minds and communicate telepathically from across large distances, attack with telepathic blasts, place suggestions or commands in another Uniques’s mind, keep her body in shape during recovery even when unconscious, speed up the healing process, and cast illusions even with a larger crowd.   She also sated should could get around some mind blocks but she has yet to do this on-panel.   Telepath was trained by her parents which were high-level telepaths and telekinetics as well as heroes from around the world.   She is highly trained in martial arts, especially in the use of a bo-staff.  

Personal Data

Height: 5’9” 
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: Green 
Hair: Blond


Known Relatives: John Sage (Mentor , father), Sue Sage (Kinetic, mother), Conscience Sage (sister)
Citizenship: of Birth : Madison City, Pennsylvania, U.S.A
Marital Status: Single  
Occupation: Unlicensed superhero
Education: Home schooled    


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