Character » Telepath appears in 80 issues.

    Telepath is a member of L.E.G.I.O.N. who has telepathic powers.

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    Qi'Qi was born on a world populated by telepaths. His species never wished to communicate with or meet other races, but Qi'Qi did, and was labeled as a radical.

    Qi'Qi had fallen in love with a female of his species named L'Ol'A. She was chosen to be the next queen of their species after a trial by combat, but she did not want the throne and planned to escape the planet with Qi'Qi.

    Qi'Qi telepathically contacted a passing spaceship for help, but unfortunately the captain he had contacted was the evil space pirate Dagon-Ra. Dagon-Ra landed on the planet and massacred Qi'Qi's people, including L'Ol'A, before taking Qi'Qi into forced servitude.

    Qi'Qi was later rescued by Vril Dox and L.E.G.I.O.N., and he joined their ranks, becoming a valuable member to the organization.


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