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    In the somewhere-sprawl of Treasure Town, two young boys, Black and White, rule the streets. Like avatars of the city itself, they are its will and its voice, full of love and compassion, as well as danger and violence. As they leap from rooftop to rooftop, from lamppost to lamppost, nothing escapes their notice. But the city is changing beneath their feet as a yakuza-backed corporate development moves in. When the gangsters make a play to remove Black and White, the boys push back. The police have an interest in Black and White as well, trying to make sure things don't get out of hand—but things will. A battle begins between corruption and innocence, a struggle for the soul of the city itself, that will change Black and White and the city around them forever.

    Chapter Titles

    • Skirmish 1: Welcome to Our Monkey House
    • Skirmish 2: Paving the Road to Hell
    • Skirmish 3: Cat and Rat and Dog and City
    • Skirmish 4: Beware of Midnight Strolls
    • Skirmish 5: Getting Wilder Now, Getting Stronger Now
    • Skirmish 6: The Best of Times, the Worst of Times
    • Skirmish 7: White Cries
    • Skirmish 8: City of Blood, Night of Stars
    • Skirmish 9: Black Flies
    • Skirmish 10: Kimura Is a Loser
    • Skirmish 11: Treasure Town Waltz
    • Skirmish 12: Here, Kitty Kitty
    • Skirmish 13: Drink Milk, Grow Strong Bones!
    • Skirmish 14: Social Skills
    • Skirmish 15: The Rat That Squeaked
    • Skirmish 16: The Power of Three
    • Skirmish 17: Strip Joint Memories
    • Skirmish 18: White Flies
    • Skirmish 19: Lieutenant White Does Not Remain on Standby
    • Skirmish 20: Are We All Alive?
    • Skirmish 21: Heartbeat, Harmony, Escape, Afterimage, Friendship, and Recurrence
    • Skirmish 22: Black Cries
    • Skirmish 23: A Touch of Evil
    • Skirmish 24: The Color of White
    • Skirmish 25: A Day in the Life of the Rat
    • Skirmish 26: The Color of Black
    • Skirmish 27: Kid Out of Control
    • Skirmish 28: The Minotaur
    • Skirmish 29: How to Make a Corpse (The Right Way)
    • Skirmish 30: Don’t Be a Copycat
    • Skirmish 31: Pitch Black
    • Skirmish 32: Boys Will Be Boys
    • Epilogue: Let’s Go, Cats
    • Afterword: 1994
    • Afterword: 2007
    • Afterword: 2023



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    Story Arcs

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