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Based on the popular fighting game franchise, the first issue of this series details the events that led to the first game's tournament.

The comic opens on a rooftop meeting of several of the top executives of the Mishima Zaibatsu as they discuss the Toshin stones, mysterious artifacts apparently vital to the Zaibatsu leader's goal of world domination. One of the executives, Bernarg Chang, has located two of the stones, but hasn't revealed this to the others. Unable to bear the thought of enabling Heihachi Mishima, the Zaibatsu's head to conquer the world, he challenges him to a battle to the death with leadership of the company as the prize. Heihachi easily bests Bernard however and kills him on the spot.

Several years later, while sparring with his son Kazuya, Heihachi becomes concerned by the boy's growing prowess, and fearing what may happen if he were defeated by him, Heihachi unleashes a brutal attack and scars him. Kazuya retaliates with a reckless attack and falls from the cliff they were fighting on into a river far below. Unable to retrieve Kazuya, or presumably his body, Heihachi declares him dead and leaves.

Kazuya however, is found by a native American community and healed by Michelle, Bernard Chang's daughter, using one of the Toshin stones. Far from greatful, Kazuya steals her pendant and mocks Michelle for her soft-heartedness.

The other tournament participants are introduced at a point several years later. A brief altercation between waiter Marshal Law and bouncer Paul Phoenix leads Paul to invite the latter to the tournament so that they can settle their dispute, Irish assassins Anna and Nina Williams are assigned to assassinate Heihachi Mishima, masked wrestler King prays for forgiveness as entering the tournament is his only hope of saving a local orphanage, while Jun Kazama, an officer of a wildlife protection agency approaches top Hong Kong cop Lei Wulong to investigate the Mishima Zaibatsu's activities, and having learned Kazuya's identity & his relation to Heihachi, Michelle Change sets out for revenge upon both of them.

Meanwhile Heihachi is disturbed by news that Kazuya may be alive, and Kazuya himself's training in a forest leads him into a fight with the chivalrous ninja thief Yoshimitsu. Their fight is soon interrupted by an attack from Yoshimitsu's former subordinate Kunimitsu who has the robot Jack in tow.


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