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    After four baby turtles were mutated by toxic goo called mutagen they were trained in the art of ninjutsu by fellow mutant Master Splinter. The Turtles different fighting styles and personalities build off one another making them a formidable team of ninja warrior superheroes.

    Mirage TMNT Comics Respect Thread

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    First off let me explain this is Mirage comics TMNTs. I seen many IDW Turtles which are cool, but these are the Originals. I have the 1st Vol (Original) and none the 2nd Vol (In Color Volumes) nor the 3rd Vol (Image Comics which are Non Cannon anyway) but do have the 4th Vol (Which is the last one). This also inlcudes both Volumes of TMNT Tales. Both the 1st and 4th Vol are originally Black and White. There is no color versions except fan made colored versions.

    Respect for my Bro who help me put this together.

    To view scans, right click, and open them in a new tab.

    Mirage TMNT Comics are the very first TMNT ever! This is what the TV Shows and Movies were base on. The Original Black and White Comics. Without further ado, Mirage TMNT.

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    Lets look at the feats.



    The Turtles are indeed of Low Meta Human Strength.

    1) Leo bashes through a Brick Wall with a blow.

    2) Leo cuts down the middle the stone monster Perfect Carnage with his Steel Sword.

    3) Leo from sitting position jumps up and over a fleeing Foot Ninja.

    4) Leo (Yes it is Leo, all the Mirage Turtles wore Red Bandannas) kicks through a Telephone Pole thick beam.

    5) Leo lifts a old school steel fridge and walks it outside into the house with no probs. Those things are like 400 pounds.

    6) Mike Breaks the chain of a Punching Bag and punches through the wooden walls of the barn.

    7) Mike rips through leather straps with no problem.

    8) Mike rips through his straps again.

    9) Donny grabs and drags Perfect Carnage through a stone wall till he formed in it again.


    Add to this their amazing Bullet and Laser dodging speed.

    1) Donny flips between bullets.

    2) Leo avoids Assassins AR fire.

    3-4) Leo dodges blaster fire while throwing his Sword in the barrel. Then Dodges multiple Arrow fire up close.This feat is more impressive as the foes he is fighting are the best from Battle World.

    5) Raph reacts and counter a Giant Spiders lunge.

    6) Turtles counter many attacks of a Phantom coming all at once.

    7) Donny moves to fast for this guy to aim at.

    8) More Bullet dodging in mid air.

    9) Dodging fire from experience poachers.

    10) Avoiding Laser fire.

    11) Dodging Lasers from soldiers.

    12) Dodging Lasers from the Krang.


    Like their Strength, the TMNT Durability is Low Meta Human.

    1) Dony gets slammed into a van and crushes the van with his impact. Back into the fight.

    2) Leo at the age of 100 gets crushed on the concrete building, at this frail age still talking.

    3) They can fall from 3 stories and be fine.

    4-5) Raph drops many stories through the roof of a movie theater and down below. He is fine.

    6) Leather Head slams Raph into the wall. No biggy.

    7) Raph can keep going with all sorts of arrows and ninja stars in him.


    1) Leo avoids gunfire, and Ninja Star head shots Assassin.

    2) Leo Ninja Star head shots the Rat King.

    3) Donny Ninja stars the Gun Barrel.

    4) TMNT Ninja Star and Nun Chuck foes with head shots as they are being fired on.

    5) Leo cuts a thin gun barrel in half.

    Blind Fighting

    The Turtles have been trained to fight completely blind.

    Mental Resistance

    1-3) The Decider was a City Level Telepath who at first mind controlled the TMNT. Until Splinter taught them basic Mental Resistance.

    4) Splinter continues training them in their Mental Training.

    Just to show how good Spliter was vs astral projection and TP, here is some feats.

    Vs the Mystic.

    Vs the Rat King.

    Splinter has a few more TP feats with his perfection of Nin Jutsu and other arts, but the point is he is and was a insane Mental warrior.

    No Morals Towards Killing

    Unlike the TV show Turtles and many other versions people know, the Orginal TMNT killed foes with no qualms. Only Mike had Morals on it, and Donny tried not to kill foes if he could help it. Leo and Raph, they killed anyone to end a fight quick.

    All killer examples. Pun intended.



    Donny vs a giant Golem.

    Donny faces Triceratons, each one Meta human in strength and durability. Warrior race train from birth.

    Donny vs a alien goo monster.

    Donny with skill and his Staff KOes a Raptor.

    Donny is shrunk in sized and fights a average size jungle Spider.



    Mike starving and beaten down from being imprison still beats down a Meta Human Triceraton.

    Mike still weak from imprisonment faces of against one of the best train Tricratons design to be faster at a cost of super strength.



    Raph infiltrates the Foot Hideout and takes out all guards in his way to deliver Shredder a challenge.

    Raph takes out one of the low meta human in strength fish men.

    Raph easily out stealths and tactics the other 3 Turtles in a game of Laser Tag.

    Raph fights Leo. This is proof of Raph's skill to Leo who few days later beats Shredder in a 1 on 1 fight. Easily shows Raph could beat Shredder 1 on 1 as well.

    Raph vs most of the Foot after his fight with Leo, and stomps.

    Raph faces himself through Shadow Sorcery.

    Raph faces one of the Shredder Elite. These guys were all personally train by Shredder, and each Elite was a match for every Turtle as well Karia. Raph beats one in 5 panels.

    Raph vs Werewolves. Although he does not win, he does hold his own vs multiple Werewolves.

    Raph faces more Werewolves to save Casey's daughter Shadow.



    Leo faces a prodigy Foot Ninja named Cha Ocho. Takes him out with a little pocket blade.

    A Younger Leo cast in time with his older versions takes out powers a Nile Crocodile and then takes out Egyptian soldiers.

    Leo's epic fight with the raised from the dead Shredder.

    Leo suffering from a nerve deadening toxin battles a Giant Snapping Turtle and Meta Human Fish Lady.

    Leo faces and kills the Super Human being Perfect Carnage.

    Leo vs duel with Cha Ocho again.

    Leo faces one of the super human Aztec Warriors of the Battle Nexus. Warrior Supreme with superior weapons.

    Leo vs some of the best warriors of many dimensions in the Battle Nexus. Also takes out a giant monster in the process.



    TMNT take on the Foot and kill the Shredder as a group.

    TMNT face the Foot out in force.

    Turtles square off against the Triceratons 4 best warriors.

    TMNT sent back in time to face a T-Rex and Raptors.

    TMNT out ninja 4 skilled assassins.

    TMNT face off the Spirit of Oroku Nagi.

    TMNT are ambushed by shredder and the entire New York Foot Clan.

    TMNT vs 3 imperfect Shredder Clones made from the sorcery worms of the Foot Clan. Leo and Raph also face 5 Shredder Elite.

    TMNT and Splinter face 3 Assassins with Super Speed. They move so fast they can individually count the Water Drops of a Fire Main. Turtles survive the onslaught and even get a few hits in. Splinter finishes them.

    TMNT vs a thrice resurrected Shredder, who this time comes back as a Shark Monster thanks to the Foot Sorcery.

    TMNT are caught between the New York Foot clan and the Japan Foot Clan Mech Machines in a Gang War. Then a single Shredder Elite mixed it up against all of them.

    Just a idea how skilled a single Shredder Elite is. When Shredder died for good, they were his best.

    The Final battle had 4 Shredder Elite face the TMNTs, Karai, and what was left of the Foot Clan. Just 4 Shredder Elite. Turtles win, with Raph and Leo being the real victors, and Mike as well Donny lucking out. These Shredder Train guys were no joke.

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    whoa, I was thinking of getting the whole TMNT Mirage run, but that's gonna be awhile before I can do so.

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    @tparks I know you a huge TMNT fan with your Respect thread.

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    @indiecomicsftw: I've only had a chance to browse through this, I'm going to come back later and will read through the whole thing, but this is really nice. Good work!

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    Man this is nice.

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    Nice thread dude

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