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The Good

So far in this TMNT limited series, we have seen the past of the Foot Clan as well as the present where Shredder and the Foot have Dr. Miller captive, a professor who found secret information about the history of Foot Clan. Now, going into the third issue of this 4-part mini series, writers Erik Burnham and Mateus Santolouco are diving deeper into Oroku Saki's past and explain the reason behind his intentions, as well as following the present where we see the turtles take on the Foot Clan head-on in an attempt to save the professor. Really admire the way Burnham and Santolouco elaborate on the individual personalities of the turtles throughout the issue, especially Mikey's classic humor ("Maybe we need a catchy battle cry so no one is confused"). They also do not hold back on delivering classic TMNT scenarios such as depicting great team-up scenes of Raph and Leo as they deflect the arrow of Karai and the hilarious moments of Mikey and Don, which all turtle fan should enjoy. I also liked how the alternation between the past and present timeline, while keeping a progressive flow on the story. This, I believe maintains balance within the issue and avoids being packed with too many action scenes or being filled with completely boring, mellow scenes. At the end of the issue, we are presented with an exciting cliffhanger that will affect the motivation of Oroku Saki, evidently continuing on in issue #4.

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Quite impressed on how talented Mateus Santolouco really is acquiring such set of skills that evidently leads him to creating stories like this one; working on both the writing and drawing aspect of this series. The cover is phenomenal! His sketches are presented in the most vivid way possible, especially with the complimentary of Joao Vieira's colorings and the addition of the great sound effects; every panel is expressed quite nicely. The past is displayed like a dreamy flashback with outstanding artwork done in a more old-fashioned manner and the present timeline being shown to be more modern art, having the colors elaborate on just that. Really enjoyed the battle between the Ninja Turtles and the Foot Clan, as well as the action scene of Alopex chasing the turtles and Don's Shellraiser.

The Bad

I have no bad remarks specifically directed to this issue.

If I would have to point out one thing in particular, it would be criticizing the cover and how it looks like Casey's about to smash April's head in with his baseball bat. lol.

The Verdict

If you're a turtle fan like myself, I highly suggest you to pick up on this limited series, revealing the secret history of the Foot Clan as well as going deeper into the past of the Clan itself, specifically Oroku Saki aka Shredder. I believe Mateus Santolouco is a mastermind and one of the greatest assets to have taken the position to write a TMNT series. He is participating in both the writing and drawing aspect of this series and believe he's doing quite impressively well with the story. This series is only a 4-part mini so it'll be easy to catch up on if you haven't already done so. This is a highly recommended series!

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