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Most impressive.

It's issue 3 of Secret of the Foot Clan and as we draw near to the end of a great mini-series the pace doesn't slack in the least and the quality continues to impress.Our story continues with both events of the past and present weaving yarns of their own that are on a visible collision course.

The writing, which has been a kick to the teeth since issue 1, keeps up the barrage with more action in the present and a thick story in the past. We see Oroku Saki learning more about his past and we see just how he got that scar. Events are culminating and I simply cannot wait for issue 4. It'll be sad to see it end but if the ending is as good as we've seen, I'm sure it will be well worth the issue price. My only complaint is that, though the quality keeps, the issue is so fast paced it comes as a blur. I know they only have four issues to tell such a vast tale but some of the action could be sacrificed to slow things down a bit. That is the most minor of complaints and honestly the worst thing about the book, so one can see how good it is by that fact.

Santoluoco`s art continues to deliver and makes me anxious to see what he does when he takes over on the ongoing series. If the story is a kick to the teeth, the art is definitely a punch to the gut. The action pieces are stunning and he captures the speed of the chases going on so well you feel like you're being sucked in by the rpms alone.

This team is doing a great job and the final piece of their puzzle will come next month and I'm literally shaking with anticipation. I can't believe this book is selling so little. People should be throwing money at shopkeeps and getting tis series. Buy it!

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