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    There's a special election in New York to select the next mayor, and a rebuilt Chrome Dome is running for office! If the android is still an agent of evil, it'd be a disaster for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... to say nothing of the nonmutant citizens of New York City! Saturday Morning Adventures continues with "Shiny and Chrome"!


    Mr. Polk and Mr. Jefferson are running for mayor of New York City, but then during a debate, Chrome Dome enters the race as a third-party candidate. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles believe that Chrome Dome is up to something evil but as long as he is a legal candidate for mayor, they can't do anything.

    They then spend the next week following Chrome Dome, but he doesn't do anything illegal. Then they follow him to an abandon warehouse where he meets with Professor McGuffin. The turtles learn McGuffin found the Robot online, fixed it up and had it run for mayor to spread his ideas, but then Chrome Dome turns on the Professor and the Turtles need to swing in.

    They fight the robot but when he realizes they can't touch him if he becomes mayor, he leaves them beaten. The Professor has an idea, and the turtles need to wait for election night.

    On election night, Chrome Dome wins but then April O'Neil reveals that he was never registered to vote so hence by the rules of New York City, he can be mayor. This sends Chrome Dome into a rage and he attacks the crowd and the Turtles swing into action.

    This time the Turtle defeat Chrome Dome by using a device created by Professor to deactivate him. Defeated and revealed to be evil Chrome Dome is not able to be mayor and the Turtles learn a lesson about City politics.


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