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    After learning that the Shredder has stolen an indestructible meteorite from TCRI, Donatello discovers an interdimensional signal in the deep south that he thinks might be connected! Donatello and Raphael take a little road trip to investigate, teaming up with the Punk Frogs Attila and Rasputin against an old enemy while they’re at it. The Saturday Morning Adventures continue with a new two-issue storyline – SWAPPING PADS!


    Somewhere under New York City, Kang and Shedder are trying to cut through the meteorite that Shedder stole from TCRI labs, but earth tool are too weak so Kang orders General Traag to send him the Zero-Matter Scalpel from Dimension X. Traag obeys the order, but due to some sort of interference the tool gets sent to a Florida swamp.

    Meanwhile, the Turtles learn from Professor McGruffin that Shedder has the meteorite and Donatello realizes that Kang will need a tool from Dimension X to cut it, and he creates a devise to track teleportation from that dimension. Back at his lab Donatello tracks the spike in Florida, close to the Punk Frogs territory. The turtles decide to split up, and Ralpheal and Donatello head to Florida, while Mickey and Leonardo stay in New York and watch out for Shedder.

    Two days later, in the swamp Leatherhead finds the Zero-Matter Scalpel and thinks is a cool new gun. Then when Don and Ralph have teamed up with Attila and Rasputin, Leatherhead ambushes them, and a fight ensues.

    Leatherhead drops the Zero-Matter Scalpel and Shedder, who was watching from the shadows, grabs it and gets away. The heroes are able to defeat Leatherhead, when they drop a beehive on the giant alligator mutant's head, but without the scalpel they feel like the trip was a waste.


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