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    The reason why this re-boot is so good

    For all those diehard TMNT fans out there, if there is one good reason to give this re-booted series a go, it's because of issue 5.

    The original problem that I, as well as many others had with the mirage series was that all 4 turtles has red bandanas. You could barely tell them apart, save for their differentiating dialogue (which wasn't actually exaggerated enough in the mirage series).

    This issue gives a good reason for colour co-ordinated bandanas. For a comic about ninjas to be taken seriously, they'd need a very good reason otherwise it just looks daft.

    A nice touch to this particular issue is how surprisingly moving it is. The first four issues had the "awwwww" factor and the end of issue four was quite touching too. This issue would have most readers holding back tears (unless you're one of those typical cynics who only read through a comic book to coldly analyse it).

    All in all, a very special episode and a promising origin story involving the foot clan that gives a refreshing twist to the Shredder.

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