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The Symbol of Self-Publishing

 I bought the reprint version of this comic book about last Monday (6/7/10), and after reading the pages carefully it's no wonder that it became a big hit for cartoon shows. What inspired me to buy it was after seeing 'Turtles Forever', where the 2003 Turtles meet the 1987 Turtles who somehow traveled to their universe and from their The Shredder goes on a rampage throughout the multiverse. Anyway, the story was very good as it showed the Turtles dark and the violence is ruthless from their animated counterparts. (Although I wish that the pages had color, but sometimes Black & White can be a bit better). After reading this it made me realize that it is a symbol of self-publishing as young writers and artists try to produce non-corporate ideas for comic book readers as Eastman and Laird succeeded with what is now a smash hit and inspire others to follow their path.

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