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    Team » Teenage Kix appears in 10 issues.

    The "edgy" teen hero team in the Boys universe.

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    The Teenage Kix are a Dynamite Entertainment comic book team created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson. The group first appears in the The Boys #4 released in 2006. Several of the characters are parodies or pastiches of more popular and mainstream comic book characters. The team itself roughly resembles teams such as the X-Men and Generation X. Big Game paralleling Nightwing, Popclaw a combination of Scandal Savage and X-23.


    The Teenage Kix are a team of superheroes. Their members include Big Game, Popclaw, Blarney Cock, Gunpowder, DogKnott, Shout Out and Whack Job. A-Train of the premier superhero team the Seven, was once a former member of the Teenage Kix. Distinguished by their edgy, alternative attitudes and appearances, in stark contrast to the more conservative teenage superhero team the Young Americans. Despite their reputation as a superhero team that fights evil to the publics eyes, the members of the Teenage Kix were far ethical or moral, reveling in all out orgies with prostitutes, scamming hospitals out of money and sleeping with each other. This hypocrisy made them a perfect target in the eyes of Butcher for his team the Boys first mission after a long absence. The Teenage Kix were stalked by the Boys while on a surveillance operation. The Teenage Kix were engaged in sex games to celebrate for winning against a group of villains known as the Fearsome Foursome. Members of the team were photographed and recorded participating in orgies, stealing from hospitals, hiring prostitutes, and other such nefarious activities. They were later blackmailed by the Boys and forced to "sacrifice" a member. Teenage Kix decided to publicly reveal that Shout Out was gay. He was chosen for being black and homosexual, which would do they assumed would do the least damage to their reputation. The Seven realized during Shout Outs news conference that this scene was probably because of the Boys as it reeked of Butcher's tactics. Homelander would e-mail the Teenage Kix about this informing them of their blackmailers. The Teenage Kix unaware and ignorant of Butcher and the Boys fierce reputation would stumble into a street fight with the anti supers team and proceed to get savagely beat. Shout Out would get his thumbs ripped off, Popclaw would get a part of her face ripped off, and Wee Hughie's inexperience would result in Blarney Cock's accidental death. All of the surviving members were badly wounded or maimed in some way.


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