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Something about issue 14 of Teen Titans really bothered me. There were some things that I really liked but there was one thing that I could not shake and when I took a second look, I found even more things that irked me.

My Main Problem:

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Ignoring the somber three in the back, can you spot my issue off the bat? Zoom in on Miguel's little comment, "I can't wait to change my outfit - Five times!" -- Come on! What is even the point of trying to make comics diverse by having characters of different sexual orientations if all your going to do is exploit them? If he had said "I can't wait to change my outfit!" I wouldn't have had any problem with it, it fits his character, but five times? Nobody, male or female, goes into their room with the intent of changing five times, it may happen, but not on purpose, it happens because you didn't like how you looked the first four times! ....... I don't know why it bugged me so much, it just did.

Problem Number 2:

So solstice has this weird skin thing along with her powers courtesy of NOWHERE, and I never really thought about it before but in this issue, mystery guys changes her into a normal looking human being and we see this:

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Is it just me or does it look like Solstice was originally supposed to be naked when he changed her back, but the editors or whoever decided that was too taboo and made the color-er, color a skin tight dress onto her? Because why can I see her abs, and why is she covering herself up like like? ... I can see why they would change it after the whole Starfire debacle but you would think that they would do a better job of fixing it up so it doesn't look so obvious

and then later:

Her later that night.
Her later that night.
Her even later that same night, one sequence over.
Her even later that same night, one sequence over.

Okay first of all, Why is she wearing a nightgown!!! Does that mean she is literally walking around naked whenever they are doing their fighting and sleuthing and whatever else they do? Why would she choose clothes now! That is just confusing...And second of all What the heck pick an outfit!!

Okay so with the whole solstice thing I may just be nitpicking but the whole changing five times really did bug me....

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I am not really sure why dc likes naked characters like Swamp Thing, Tellus, Cheetah, Solstice, etc. The New 52 Grodd is no longer as naked as he used to be.

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I think you're pretty much spot-on with the complaints here. The "five times" thing is pretty much impossible to read in a non-offensive way, and I'll agree that in that becoming human frame she was definitely intended to be naked. The coloring makes no sense whatsoever. Regardless, it seems that with her powers she does indeed run around naked, because they provide some sort of privacy that normal naked skin wouldn't, so the question of why she'd suddenly wear a nightgown is valid, particular in light of its subsequent disappearance. I don't really get the sense that the artist had any clear idea what was going on at all, actually. Weird.

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Wow. That's some Liefeld-ish art right there...

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