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    Superstar writer Geoff Johns reunites the sidekicks of the greatest heroes of the DC Universe once more to re-launch the DCU's premiere team of super-teens, the Teen Titans! Featuring Kid Flash, Superboy, Raven, Beast Boy, Wonder Girl and more!

    Final Team Members: Red Robin (Tim Drake), Wonder Girl (II), Beast Boy, Raven, Superboy (II), Kid Flash (II), Ravager (IV), and Solstice.

    Former Members: Cyborg, Starfire (II), Speedy (II), Aquagirl (II), Hawk (III), Dove (II), Zatara, Offspring, Talon, Power Boy, Little Barda, Molecule, Bombshell, Mas, Menos, Young Frankenstein, Osiris, Enigma, Joker's Daughter, Red Star, Captain Marvel Jr., Hotspot, Argent, Mirage, Flamebird, Terra (II), Kid Devil, Miss Martian, Jericho, Supergirl, Blue Beetle (III), Kid Eternity, Static, and Robin (V).

    Second Feature: Ravager (#72-76, 79-82), The Coven of Three (#83-87)

    This volume of Teen Titans spun out of the shattering events of Graduation Day, an event which featured the death of both Donna Troy and Lilith and saw the end of both Young Justice and the Titans. Scribed by Geoff Johns, this incarnation of the Teen Titans began as a training initiative on the behalves of Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy and featured the main cast of Young Justice. The team does battle with a returned Jericho, Deathstroke, the new Ravager, and the new Brother Blood, all while picking up new members, such as Raven and Speedy (Mia Dearden). A popular story arc during the first portion of this series was the Titans of Tomorrow arc. This arc featured the current team being flung into the future to find themselves totalitarian rulers of a dystopia society. The team remained very solid during the first 33 issues leading up to Infinite Crisis and One Year Later.

    Infinite Crisis did a number on the Teen Titans and completely altered the team. Superboy was killed, Kid Flash was aged and depowered, Starfire was lost in space, Cyborg was shut down for a year, Speedy quit the team to train with Green Arrow, and Robin had left to travel the world with Batman. Beast Boy and Raven attempt to keep the team going but have no success, with over 20 new members during the One Year Later gap. Robin returns and begins to right the ship by bringing back old members and new ones like Miss Martian and Kid Devil. This portion of the series featured Deathstroke's Titans East, the ramifications of Amazons Attack, and the return of the villainous Titans of Tomorrow. The elder Titans, such as Cyborg and Raven, quit the team to return to New York and restart the Titans, leaving the teenagers alone for the first time in this series.

    With the kids all on their own now, things begin to head south as Geoff Johns leaves the writing duties to Sean McKeever. The transition was poor as McKeever was given storylines and they were obviously not his own. His own work shined during the On The Clock story arc which featured the introduction of the Terror Titans. The Teen Titans were all suddenly filled with a lot of emotion and teen angst that was not common of them in earlier issues. Many members began to leave the team or be kicked off as was Supergirl's case. After the death of Titans Tower's caretaker, Marvin, Robin leaves the team to deal with the events of Batman R.I.P. and puts Wonder Girl in charge. Wonder Girl builds her own team around the remaining members of the previous, with the new additions, such as Aquagirl, Static, and Kid Eternity. Soon death comes back to the Titans and Red Devil sacrifices himself to save San Francisco. The rest of Wonder Girl's leadership is marred by poor situations and poor writers as Sean McKeever hands over the reigns to Felicia Henderson. While Henderson started strong and promised many desired story arcs such as the return of the resurrected Superboy and Kid Flash, her run was messy and nonsensical. Raven and Beast Boy returned to the team and the Teen Titans battled a mystical entity known as Wyld which lead to most of Wonder Girl's team to be rendered inactive following the mission.

    Soon after, rising author, J.T. Krul, becomes the head writer and re-establishes much of the earlier line-up but with Wonder Girl still at the helm. The team dynamic has been reevaluated and the book has shown marked improvement since Krul has taken over. It is during this time that Robin (Damian Wayne) briefly joins and Tim Drake returns to the team, but now as Red Robin. It is following this that Wonder Girl willingly relinquishes leadership to Red Robin. Krul promises such new plotlines as the debut of a new Titan named Solstice, the team's meeting with the new Aqualad, a family reunion for Ravager, and a possible new love interest for Superboy.

    For Post Flashpoint volume 4, refer to Teen Titans.


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