Teen Titans West

    Team » Teen Titans West appears in 16 issues.

    A former rival/alley group of Teen Titans.

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    The Titans west was created by the telepath, Lilith Jupiter (Clay) otherwise known as the hooded mystery Omen.

    The original Titans West had Lilith Clay, Hawk and Dove, Golden Eagle, Flamebird and Beast Boy in it's ranks.

    Lilith brought together a team of heroes to stop a villain called Mister Esper, a foe of Lilith's. Once Esper was stopped, the heroes remained together but Lilith did not take command. Instead, Hawk from the hero duo Hawk and Dove was in charge, due to himself thinking he would be a good candidate, but in the end the team disbanded because Hawk's lack of leadership skills.

    Titans L.A.

    When Beast Boy decided to go out on his own after the Technis Imperative he found himself in L.A. It was there he reuinted with his cousin Matt Logan and former Titan Flamebird. Gar and Bette fought crime in the city together and Bette continued to try and convice Gar to setup a new Titans team, though he would decline. Matt decided to hold a drive for a new Titans team, though it seemes to be more a party then anything. Duela Dent showed up in an attempt to terrorize and destroy the party but was defeated. At the end Herald, Bumblebee, Hero Cruz. Terra II, Flamebird, Beast Boy, Captain Marvel Jr. became the new Titans West redubbed Titans L.A. Bushido would also come in to join the team. Soon Gar would return to the East Coast though, saying the team had disbanded.


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