Teen Titans #98

    Teen Titans » Teen Titans #98 - Prime Numbers released by DC Comics on September 1, 2011.

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    TEEN TITANS ships twice in July for extra thrills! He's back! Don't miss the issue where one of the deadliest and most psychotic threats in the DC Universe returns. It's Superboy Prime! Of all things to hate, he hates The Teen Titans most of all. Now he's coming for them, and he's not coming alone.


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    There is only room for one Superboy 0

        Cover I was super excited to read this issue of Teen Titans. I am a big Superboy fan and it seemed like in this issue we were going to get a lot of Superboy. Story Super Prime is back but what will this mean for the Teen Titans? Best Part Like I said for the cover portion of this review Superboy is one of my favorite characters so I was happy to see that this issue was a Superboy issue. But a good thing is that they did not leave any of the other Titans out. So, this really is a s...

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    Ode to the Obscure Nemeses 0

    The Good: We finally get some answers to one of the big lingering questions from Krul's first arc. If there's one part of TT Krul writes best, it's the down time. When Krul's writing, it's always interesting to see what the team is up to between missions. Kid Flash's brought up some interesting implications, Superboy and Wonder Girl continued their character development, and Raven deals with the recent changes in the team. Wow. I LOVE the team Superboy Prime puts together. It's a menagerie of va...

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    My God, he is a whiny b*tch. 0

    Review of Teen Titans #98.The Story: Back when the TT were fighting Headcase in the gymnasium and Connor was sent in a portal it apparently Prime came out of it and in order to go back to his Earth he will kill everybody.The Good: Well I like Eduardo Pansica' art since he is able to draw what would be crowded pages aren't and he gets to drawn a lot of different characters. I find it interesting that Bart in order to keep his super speed brain occupied in going in his virtual chamber in order to ...

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