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Here is the start of Krul's second arc on the title and the introduction of Solsitce to the rest of the team.  Here's a rundown folks... warning, spoilers ensue (but I'm trying to be lite on the details)
The book opens with Tim (Red Robin) re-establishing himself back at Titans' Tower.  However he doesn't have much time to reflect as the entire team are quickly off to Pakistan on a distress call.  Cassies mother has told the team of the mysterious dissapearance of two of her friends/collegues and Cassie has brought the team to help in the search.
When they get there, they are not only greeted by Cassie's mom but also Kiran aka Solstice.  The people missing are her parents and she was hoping her new friend, Cassie could help.  After quick introductions, and a couple of teammates first impressions of Kiran (both in internal momologues Raven reveals she is cautious of Kirans open emotions and Bart reveals a strong initial attraction) Tim splits the team up to scower for clues.
While alone, Conner tells tim to lighten up on giving orders, but Tim reveals that Cassie actually asked him to take command from her. Before more can be said on the subject the duo encounter a figure who quickly reveals herself to be a monster (later we learn she is a demon) A battel ensues and the entire team eventually comes in to help.  None of them do any good however until Solstice comes in and gives her a blast of light.
The demon runs off and captures Cassies mom.  Cassie also grabs onto her mother just as the Demon transports the three of them to her own dimesion.
The writing:
For the most part I couldn't be happier with Krul.  The characters all have their own distinct voices and attiudes and they all interact naturally.  However some of the plot devices planted in here make me scratch my head.  The issue of leadership for one. I'm not a big fan of Cassie, much less her run as leader, but to just switch her out for Tim without even having a scene where she disscusses it seems a bit too cheap.  Tim taking orders under Cassie doesn't make much sense (but then again Gar taking orders under either of them makes just as little sense) However I would much prefer that Cassie is either made into a good leader rather than just push her out of the position without any decent in book explanation.
As for Krul's new character, Solstice certainly has potential.  She seems like a sweet, upbeat girl who i can see really helping buffer emotions in this particularlly moody team. I just Hope Krul writes her well enough that she simply isn't killed after he leaves the title.  Too many good titans get killed or left in limbo to make way for the sidekicks from the big families.
The art:
There isn't much to complain about with Nicola's work.  There are a few moments where Cassie looks a little off, and Gar's features are sometimes inconsistant, but over all the pages of this book look spectacular.  The inking and coloring work are stellar as well, particularly with all the lights involved in this particular story.
This book was a great read with only a few flaws (those however could be editorial mandates like the issue of leadership)  I wasn't a big fan of Damian, but if the team needed a Robin I would have preffered him over Tim.  If  I were to wadger a guess/wish, i would say that Tim won't choose to stay very long and Cassie will decide she can handle leadership.
All that aside tho, this start of his second story promises that Krul is the best thing to happen to the team in a long time.

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