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Which Robin Do I Like Best?

Let me just start by expressing my thanks to DC for putting J.T. Krul on this book.  It has been floundering since the departure of Geoff Johns with minor bright spots under McKeever.  To that end, it was really pleasant to be reading these last few issues and knowing that nobody was going to be senselessly killed or kicked off of the team. 
This actual issue was pretty good although I wish Nicola Scott would have been on art.  The art was pretty good, though it reminded me a lot of the main Red Robin book.  One thing that I especially liked about this issue is that the Teen Titans were actually a part of it.  Part 1 of this crossover did not do the team justice whatsoever.   
I gave this issue a rating of 4.5.  Now before anybody bites my head off, the reason I gave it such a high rating was because Krul addressed things that I (and other Teen Titans followers) have been asking for for some time now.  He addressed the past continuity of the book instead of ignoring it.  By having the faux-Calculator reveal to Wonder Girl that he actually kidnapped and killed Kid Eternity picks up a lingering plot thread from way back.  It was nice to finally address this and now the team can continue to move forward.   
Which Robin would I like to see on the team?  I don't know.  I like them both honestly.  I don't think that the Tim needs the Teen Titans as much as the Teen Titans need him.  To that end, Wonder Girl is becoming a very strong leader and it was interesting to see Damian interact with others outside the Bat family.  Despite the ending, hopefully Damian will be back at Titan's Tower soon.

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