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Which Robin Do I Like Best? 0

Let me just start by expressing my thanks to DC for putting J.T. Krul on this book.  It has been floundering since the departure of Geoff Johns with minor bright spots under McKeever.  To that end, it was really pleasant to be reading these last few issues and knowing that nobody was going to be senselessly killed or kicked off of the team.  This actual issue was pretty good although I wish Nicola Scott would have been on art.  The art was pretty good, though it reminded me a lot of the main Red...

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Which Robin is on the Teen Titans 3

Cover The cover was kind of cool and I am glad to see Tim on a Teen Titan’s cover because it has been a while. Story The Teen Titans and Red Robin have to take down the Calculator and his androids. They find the Calculator and fight him and Wonder girl finds out that the Calculator has killed a fellow Teen Titan member Kid Eternity.   She takes it hard and almost kills the Calculator for what he had done but it wouldn’t have mattered because we find out he was an android also. In the end the Tee...

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Double trouble 0

Well then, Tim Drake in the guise of Red Robin teams up with the Teen Titans to combat the Calculator's fallback scheme.  Good stuff: Tim being in the title again is always a plus, as it reunites the core of the Young Justice team and that he has a dynamic with the others that Damian simply lacks. Speaking of Damian, it's nice to see him and Drake get along without resorting to fist fights or insults. Also amongst the good stuff is a lingering knot thats practically defined Cassandra's leadershi...

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Teen Tians #92 0

THE GOOD The good things about the issue were was that Tim is back on the team. The story was pretty good I mean it talked about Kid Eternity. (Yeah not really)  THE BAD The bad things about the issue are that the art always seems like there is something weird going on with the characters and only robin, red robin, wonder girl, superboy, and ravager really get a speaking role. I mean if your gonna even have Raven and Kid FLash then have them talk.  THE VERDICT I rate it a four. It was a pretty g...

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"Great. More Robots." 0

Synopsis: Part II of the Red Robin/Teen Titans crossover! What's Good?  I know you guys are friends, but that was just awkward. I did like the outcome between Calculator. I won't spoil what happens, but with the way The Calculator has been showing up recently in different series at almost the same time as others, was a bit too much. I did chuckled at Ravenger and Damian's small remark towards Cassandra to kill Calculator (Reminded me of Return of the Jedi). At the end, one Robin is going to be...

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Finally they learn his fate. 0

Issue #92 of Teen Titans.  The Story: The team fights all the robot Calculators and they find his base under a nightclub.But that Calculator was also a robot clone and the team finally learns the fate old their teammate Kid Eternity,also Red Robin joins the team and Damian goes back to Gotham.  The Good: I was so happy when Caculator was telling Cassie how he kidnapped and killed Kid Eternity,the reason is because is because I first jumped on Teen Titans was when Brian Q Miller was writing and I...

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Finally book is improving! You know why they have a good villain. 0

I have always been a big Titans fan and hate it when the books aren't as good as they should be but J.T. Krul did a great job in this issue. Cover.  Nice cover I think it's good a bit bland but nice. Story. The story is good J.T. Krul addresses a death none of the Titans knew about or cared about their disapearence so good job on that. Nice diologue all though Krul has been good there were a few times I sighed a bit but good. Story was very good and my favorite Robin is a Titan. Art. Georges Jea...

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