pspin's Teen Titans #9 - The Culling, Part Four: If this be Victory! review

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Teen Titans #9 Review

Teen Titans #9 Review


The Culling concludes and the teams go their separate ways

The Good:

This whole issue was pretty epic. Revelations are made about Harvest that really doesn’t give away anything about his backstory, which I find neat. One of the things I liked most about this issue is how it ended, I won’t tell you because of spoilers of course but it was not the standard event ending. I also liked how it set up the basic plot for Ravagers #1, a series I am looking forward to.

Overall Scott Lobdell’s has done a great job with the whole event but this issue really stands out from not only the event but the previous issues of Teen Titans as well. The scope of the first arc of Teen Titans comes to a close and you really feel that their actions have consequences not only for themselves but for the world as well.

Ig Guara is no Brett Booth but he is an acceptable substitute and I enjoyed his style even if some of the faces occasionally looked odd.

The Bad:

Not much, Wonder Girl seems a little different than previous issues but that isn’t really that big of a deal, I just wish she would star in an arc to explain her powers.

While Scott Lobdell wrote the plot for The Culling, Tom Defalco did the dialogue here and it is good but it lacks Lobdell’s sense of humor and doesn’t quite mesh with previous issues, this isn’t a major thing but something about Scott Lobdell’s dialogue brings this series from good to great and this issue lacks some of that.


This is a good conclusion to an epic story and a solid issue of Teen Titans. Anyone who has been enjoying The Culling or any series involved will definitely enjoy this issue. It not only wraps up the story but easily lays out the frame work for the next story for the three involved series and the Ravagers in a believable fashion.

4.5 out of 5


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Posted By The Mighty Monarch

Interesting that we both gave this issue a high score, but our general opinions of things on this issue and how it relates to the rest couldn't be more opposite.

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Posted By pspin

@The Mighty Monarch: That's hilarious. That must mean it was truly a great issue.

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