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This is definitely the best Teen Titans cover yet. Brett Booth isn't my favorite artist, but he NAILS Harvest's epic wings and bizarre face.

Oh right! I see now! TEEN TITANS is the reason Ig Guara's been away from my precious Blue Beetle. Assumingly because series regular Brett Booth needed the time to fully pencil the long Teen Titans Annual #1. So Ig Guara will be back on Blue Beetle next month I hope? Because sadly, the colors aren't doing Guara's pencils a lot of justice. The feel of everything is a lot lumpier and grainier than his work on Blue Beetle. Though I still much prefer this to Brett Booth (Who I must insist he is a good artist who just isn't to my personal liking), Blue Beetle's better written and a better fit for Ig Guara.

Wow, this issue really is the big focal finale for this big event. Little things happen that lead away in ways that make sense. All other teams exit The Culling in the direction of their own series in ways that one would expect. This is Teen Titans specifically here. We follow their departure from The Culling. Do you want to know what happens to The Ravagers or Legion Lost AFTER The Culling? It's entirely reasonable that each side team's full conclusion would be expanded in their own series, so I don't feel cheated on any level here.

Harvest is a fun villain. He seems to think everything he's doing is right, and he certainly might be right on point. His constant droning boasts actually subtly help all the heroes realize their faults and hone their abilities, both personal and teamwork. All his "I'm so much better than you" monologuing is not only proven to be true, but helps each team better themselves to try to defeat him. He brings up a lot of interesting questions, not all of which are answered yet, but this phase of the story is over. I feel both satisfied and ready for more, despite this being the end of the opening arc of Teen Titans, but not the end of the villains responsible.

Part of it is certainly due to the fact that this climax is EPIC. As I said, Harvest is an impressive foe, and everything about the Crucible fits into an incredible adrenaline-rush finale. The fight is big, yet it rarely gets lost in a mess of everyone just attacking in a blob of combat. People have different roles, characters unite and separate, and in the end, the Teen Titans are in an even stranger place that raises further questions. And they are a fully unified team.

In Conclusion: 5/5

The Culling has been fairly standard so far, but it's managed to come out with an extremely satisfying climax on all ends. I can't wait to see how each team involved is affected by the results, and I can't wait to see more of Harvest. In addition to being an impressive foe and a calculating madman, he brought a TON of revelations. My favorite Harvest revelation? He's not a metahuman.

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