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Teen Titans Issue 88

Okay, got that out of my system. But seriously, let me just have this brief moment to rejoice because it feels so good to be able to read Teen Titans again. It was one of the first comic books I really read and followed and it was soooooo good for so long that it pained me deeply to have to drop the book last year when issue 75 came out and broke my heart with it's quality. Sorry guys, it just didn't cut it. But now we have a new creative team and a new start for Teen Titans that looks to take the team to the top of the sales charts again, so let's get into Teen Titans issue 88! 
The issue opens with a brief look into the life of a boy named Barney, who is a "Prime Candidate" for something unknown. Meanwhile in downtown San Francisco, the Teen Titans are fighting a group of feral boys, who they quickly take down with a grand finale of Beast Boy being bitten and Ravager cutting off one of the boys hands. Later in Titans Tower, Wonder Girl and Beast Boy go over the information they have on the boys and discuss why certain members of the team are no longer there. Conner, Bart, and Ravager are elsewhere in the tower and after Conner is caught checking out Ravager, Bart tells him that he studied a lot of 31st century science when he was in the future and is busy writing it all down because he is slowly forgetting it all. Back to Barney, who we see is tricked into an experiment at the hands of Doctor Caligan, much to his dismay. Finally, back to the tower one last time, we see much of the team hanging around when an intruder alarm goes off, but all is not as it may seem... 
J.T. Krul does a great job of continuing the ongoing Teen Titans saga while still establishing what is clearly his own voice and twist to the Titans. While I partially disagree with cutting some of the newer Titans, I do understand why it's done with what we're given here, but to me it sounds like Cassie gave out pink slips to everybody for little reason. Not spoiling, the character brought in at the end of the book makes me very excited for the future of the team, and in a week with so much going on, this book stands out as really pushing towards a brighter tomorrow. 
Nicola Scott does the pencil work on the issue and she is a welcome addition to the long list of great artists this book has had, but she does in fact manage to blow the majority of the other artists out of the water, doing an amazing job on every interpretation of the characters. In some cases, her art seems to be reminiscent of Frank Quietly, but I feel that this is based more on trying to pay tribute to his particular styling of certain characters. Overall she does a great job, even if I'm not sure how I'm supposed to react Doctor Caligan.
Overall, I'm very happy to have Teen Titans back in great shape and at the top of my stack. I highly recommend buying this, it's going to be very good very soon and even as it is it's a great book. 4 out of 5 stars, highly recommended, buy this now and just for the record, forget the last year ever happened when it comes to Teen Titans. 

Ahhh, it's good to have this kind of stuff back :) 
Ahhh, it's good to have this kind of stuff back :) 

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