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Who'd have thought an eye patch could be so sexy, right?

*looks to the left*. *looks to the right*. *Rubbs eyes, and blinks quickly in disbelife*. A good Teen Titans book. HURRAY, HUZAR, anything els which displays great joy that begins with the letter "H". The last time i gave a teen titasn book a high ratting was issue #79 ( which was my first review )  which seemd to focus more on one character in particular rather than the whole team. But now after 8 boring, dull, mind numbingly bad issues, 2 stories and 1 creative team later we have finaly returned to what appears to be the "good stuff". Issue #88 is a landmark which starts off a story with familiar character, great art work and colouring and a perfect set up to a story.  
So if you've been noticing the preview pagers at the end of certain DC searies issues you'd probably already know what the setting is. We start out with a monologue, or to be far more accurate a report about an averege teenage kid called Barney who's walking through the school hall and getting shoved. He's a foster child, avarage student, with little to no friends and who dosnt participate in any school activities, but most importantly he's a "Prime candidate". We then cut to San Francisco where the Teen Titans ( who's roster concists of Wonder Girl, Superboy, Kid Flash, Raven, Beast Boy and Ravenger ) are busy dealing with a group of 'Feral Boys' who are running rampent. Without any knowledge of where the 'Feral Boys' came from or how they became what they were the titans return to titan tower and let the computers and Star Labs do what they can't. So we then get some exbisition on most of the titans through dialogue and monalogues ( so that both new readers, and people who decided to not read the title for the past 8 issues due to general badness know whats going on with them ). We then go to Gotham where Dick is worrying about Damians development as a hero, comming to the conclusion that Damian needs friends. We then go back to the Avarae kid Barny and learn that he's a perfect candidate for an experiment related to the Feral Boys. THEN!.............................. you go out and buy the issue and fill in the blanks. :P 
In short Teen Titans #88 is a fan-bloody-ruddy-tastic issue, and trully is a breath of fresh air from the last 8 issues. The story is a nice set up, filling us in on the information that's relavent such as why the team roster is as it is now, and not as it was 1 issue ago, and what problems are overshaddowing these heroes on a personal leval. Nicola Scotts artwork is brilliant and the colouring to this issue is a fantastic complimet to the artwork ( finaly after many issues of complanig about the lack of variant colouring we finaly get more than a diffarent shade of 1 coloure for an issue. It, fantastic ). Also, this issue dosen't have a second feature which takes up the last third of the book, so when you pick this issue up you'r getting 100% Teen Titans...... minus the advertisment pages.  
So in conclusion i gave Teen Titans #88 a 4/5. It might seem as though i'm marking it down, after my almost fan-boyish prais of the issue, but as it;s a beginning of a new story i'd like to see how it progressess in future issues. This issue IS new reader friendly as it explains enough to get anyone who's picking this issue up into the loop. So finaly verdict: 

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