Teen Titans #84

    Teen Titans » Teen Titans #84 - It's a Wyld, Wyld World released by DC Comics on August 1, 2010.

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    The Teen Titans are now a team divided as they go on the hunt for Raven! One side is stranded on a dead planet, the other thousands of leagues below the sea. But both are in serious danger as they head closer to a trap set by the dangerous Wyld!

    Plus, in the second chapter of the Coven co-feature, Traci 13, Zach Zatara and Black Alice wake up in a world where their greatest wishes have come true. Is it all they ever wanted – or their worst nightmare given form?


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    Review: Teen Titans #84 0

    Half of the Titans enter the upside-down realm of the Wyld World while the remaining members search beneath the equal alien quarters of the deep sea for answers regarding the whereabouts of Raven. The Good Coven of Three continues to be a enjoyable romp through DC's magical corners that's actually got some weight and pathos to it. The concept of these kids getting thrust into another reality where they get their wishes even though everything's still horribly off is ...

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    The Journey to find Raven is getting harder and harder 0

    Cover The cover was very good. I think it explains the story a lot. Story The team start their journey to find Raven. Aquagirl and Bombshell go under water to start their journey. They attacked by a school of fish and Aquagirl feels there is something wrong in the water. Beastboy, Wondergirl, Superboy, Kid Flash, and static open up the portal to Wyld’s world. They get stuck in some sort of quicksand and not even Superboy can get out. Bombshell asks Aquagirl if it is hard to be on land when it is...

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    Feels like an elephant's sleeping on my chest 0

    Ok, i'm going to put it bluntly. I do not like this story so far......., ok that sounds a bit cruel so maby i should explain. The last story, "static going home" ( teen titans issues 79 - 82 ) was borring IMO, but i read through it because the first part of that story in issue 79 was fantastic. It outshone the rest and made me want to read the following issues to see what was going to happen, sure the other 3 issues were a let down, but i was hooked. This story? not so much. Now the first story ...

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