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All Apart of the Plan?

Alright so I have been giving writer Felicia Henderson some slack since she had to pick up writing duties on a book that badly needed help and with Blackest Night in full swing.  Now however, I feel that it is time that I can point some things out.  The addition of Kid Flash and Superboy to the ranks of the team was a welcome sign but I thought that some other points in the issue were not explained or hinted at very well.  For example, the fat guy who was helping Holocaust never was named. Now after looking over the book again I suspect I know why (look over Henderson's entire run and I have a feeling that you can figure it out too).   
I didn't like how I had a feeling that I had to catch up with the story and the team before reading this issue.  I miss the Geoff Johns' run where you could pick up relatively any issue and at least have a solid idea of what is going on and why it is important.  Maybe that is just the differences in writing styles of Henderson and Johns.  Henderson does have a mainly television background.  But the question is, Is Felicia Henderson a good choice for the ongoing writing duties of Teen Titans?  My answer?  Maybe.  I think that she has shown that she has some great ideas and can handle a team like this in her 6-7 issues that she has already written.  However, I think that instead of continually lopping on story after story she might want to take a break and address issues and dangling story threads that were already present in the book ie Kid Eternity, Bombshell being hunted by her mother, Connor and Cassie's relationship, the Blue Beetle/Traci 13/Aquagirl love triangle, Gar and Raven.   
To put is simply, I think that Henderson is doing a great job with what she has been given.  She just needs to address a few things and then move forward.  Continuously adding more complicated things/stories/twists will only make her job more difficult in the long run.  But hey, if she has some grand master plan then by all means continue what she is doing.  I'll be along for the ride.


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