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Now that he's had time to acclimate to normal life since TERROR TITANS miniseries, Static makes the choice to go home and tell his family that he's alive. And he's bringing his Teen Titans teammates with him. Let's hope they can survive the rough streets of Dakota!

Plus: Ravager...slave girl!


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Teen Titans #79 - Static returns home. 0

The Blackest Night tie-ins are done and over with, and now were back to the Teen Titans dealing with other problems than heroes and villas returning from the grave. Now the Team must deal with going back home, or at least in Statics case. Going back to the post-terror titans issue Static decided to stay in San Fransisco with the team instead of going back home to Dekota just to recover from what he, and many others, had to go through. But as well as overcoming his terror titan issues Static must...

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This issue we have Felicia Henderson writing and Joe Bennett on the art. So in the beginning of this we have Static finally going home to Dakota for the first time since that whole thing with the Terror Titans. His family and friends have thought him dead this whole time and get a big shock to see him return alive and well. But Statics hometown has been plagued with a killer virus that he trys to get to the bottom of but ends up biting more then he can chew when he comes face-to-face with...Holo...

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And everything goes back to normal... well, maybe not! x) 0

Wonder Girl Meets Cyborg Wonder Girl meets with Cyborg in the Titans Compound to hear it from him why he chose to replace her by Beast Boy. He tells her that she has always been pulling herself backwards.  Static Goes Home!  A Massive Disease has been reported in Dakota and Static believes it's the right time for him to go home... and tell his family and friends that he's alive. His sister has caught the disease and his mother was worried sick about him. Everyone wants to know where he was and...

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