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Wilson Family Reunion part 2

This two issue arc in the Teen Titans book was good overall.  However, the issues did make a few questions pop up in my mind.  First, why is this happening in the Teen Titans book when so many other Teen Titans have died and Ravager isn't even on the team anymore?  This question is answered at the end when it seems that Deathstroke possibly recruits Jericho to join his new team that will take over the Titans book coming up.   
This issue was strong and it was good to see Ravager back in the spotlight more than just her co-feature.  Personally, I think Ravager needs to make up her mind as to who she wants to be.  Does she want to be an anti-hero?  A Titan?  I have always found her to be a great character, but her constant flip flopping is getting old fast.  It seems that when she is around the Teen Titans she is portrayed as this badass rogue who cannot be relied upon to be a team player.  But then in this issue around her family, she is seen as more of a reformed person.  I hope that somebody decides what her future is.   
J.T. Krul once again shows that he understands the Titans and I am left wondering why he has not been assigned to a larger Titans book on a more consistent basis.  I also liked Bennet's art in this issue.  I'm still waiting for the Teen Titans book to get back on track and am eagerly hoping that this upcoming arc written by Felicia Henderson does the trick.  This current arc was a pretty good Blackest Night tie-in. 

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