Teen Titans #77

    Teen Titans » Teen Titans #77 - A Family Affair released by DC Comics on January 1, 2010.

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    A Family Affair

    In a series of flashbacks we get the history of Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke. He is being watched by Wintergreen while sparring with other soldiers. Slade is marrying Adeline Kane and Wintergreen is there too. Wintergreen is observing the operation that made Slade into the super soldier he is now. Wintergreen is also there for the moment when Slade Wilson becomes Deathstroke, the Terminator. Wintergreen is observing Slade and Adeline spending time with their two children, Grant and Joseph. Deathstroke throws his sword into a man's throat just as he slits Joseph's throat, causing him to lose his ability to talk. Adeline shoots Slade in the eye because of the pain he caused. Grant Wilson becomes the first Ravager and attacks Robin, Wonder Girl, and Cyborg. He had used the same super soldier serum and Deathstroke tried to stop him. He later died from the side effects. Slade discovers that his former lover, Lillian Worth, had his daughter, Rose. Wintergreen witnessed Wade Defarge, Slade's half-brother, as the third Ravager, murder Lillian. Wintergreen took in Rose and Slade kept away so she wouldn't be a part of his bad life. Slade, possessed by Jericho, murdered Wintergreen.

    In a graveyard, William Randolph Wintergreen of Earth rises as a Black Lantern.

    Inside of Slade Wilson's house, he is sitting in his library, reading Wintergreen's journal. He finishes reading and looks out the window at the rain. The lightning flashes brightly and the Rose, the newest Ravager, appears in front of him. He is caught off guard by this. Rose breaks the window and kicks Slade in the chin. She flips over his body as he falls to the ground. She tells him that he can't hide from her anymore. They both draw their swords and he jumps over her too. He tells her that he wants to clean his slate and start over. They begin sword fighting and he tells her to leave but she tells him that she isn't afraid and wants to kill him. She tries to kick him but he dodges it and kicks her in the chin. She spits up blood. They keep fighting. She grabs a gun and pistolwhips him in the face. She then aims it at his head and tells him to stop trying to warn her of danger. Suddenly, Black Lantern Grant Wilson appears and tells Rose that he wants to kill their father first. Slade and Rose are shocked by this appearance. Slade grabs Rose's gun and tells her that she never knew how to use one. He shoots Grant in the head three times but it keeps regenerating. Rose tells him that undead means undead. Slade tells her to run away while he holds off Grant. Grant tries to make Slade guilty about his death while beats him up. Rose just stands there watching them fight. She runs up from behind and slices Grant right down the middle with her sword. He regenerates and goes after her. She keeps cutting off limbs but they keep regenerating. He creates a dagger with his Black Lantern ring and throws it into her shoulder. He scans her body and sees that she contains Rage, Fear, and Willpower. Suddenly, Black Lantern Wade Defarge grabs Rose and pulls her down to the floor beneath. He attempts to kill her with his ring-made-sword.

    Slade slices Grant through the chest and tells him to get out of his way. Suddenly, something breaks a hole into the wall. It is revealed to be Black Lantern Wintergreen. The hole opens more and Black Lantern Adeline Kane walks into the room. Slade is shocked by their appearances. Wintergreen scans Slade and sees that he contains Willpower. They slowly walk toward him and confront him about his life mistakes. They decide it is time for Slade to die.

    Rose and Wade fight for a while with swords and kicks until Rose blowtorches him. Grant jumps her from behind but she throws him into the fire too. Grant screams and Rose is confused that he feels the pain. Jericho jumps out of Grant's body and tells her that he is alive so he can feel pain. Rose is shocked.



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    Brilliant! 0

     “Brilliant!” That was my first thought as I turned the last page of this amazing first half of a two part tale. J.T. Krul seems to turn anything he touches with the Titans into gold, issue #77 is no less an example of how this incredible writer understands and loves these amazing characters with rich history. The art by Bennett, Jadson, Jose, and Reis is no less fantastic and definitely deserves a second or third pass after you’ve read the full twenty-two page story. Deathstroke the Terminator,...

    5 out of 5 found this review helpful.


    just when im ready to quit buying teen titan comics an issue like this one comes out and keeps me buying this series. for awhile now the teen titans comics have been kinda lame. but this issue was awesome. there wasnt any teen titans in this issue but we do get to see ravager(rose wilson) and her father deathstroke. the issue starts out with rose trying to kill her father but then some unexpected guests show up. unexpected undead guests. i really want to tell you who comes back in this issue but...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Sound And Fury Signifying Nothing 0

    The first thing that came to mind as I closed this issue after reading it was, Not one of the "people" on the cover is actually in this issue. Instead we get a story dealing with The Wilson family. Ravager confronts Deathstroke and the two of them start to beat a dead horse. I mean they kick the crap out of it.    Even though it started out with a strong opening introducing the corpse of Wintergreen, but then the original Ravager shows up, and begins to go through the same stuff Slade Wilson has...

    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
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