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Another Titans Dies . . . . Again

When I first saw that another Teen Titan member was going to die I was dumbfounded.  How many of these teenagers were they going to kill off just to add value to a story?  And when I first read the issue I was not happy with the end result and the loss of Eddie Bloomberg.  Now with that being said, as I re-read the entire arc over again I did understand and see why they needed to kill him off.  Eddie's death has solidified the team and has given them a purpose.  So this issue was a bit of a double-edged sword as I liked the obtainment of a purpose and direction with this series (as it badly needs them) but I hated to see one of my favorite character go to the wayside.  Although Eddie did have a respectable death, I would have liked to see him take on that role as field coordinator for more than just a few issues.  Another thing that I did like about this issue was the capture of Kid Eternity. Im hoping that this plot thread will be picked up soon as I'm curious to see what will happen between him and the Calculator.  The art was also pretty good. 
My biggest problem with the Teen Titans book now is that they can't seem to get out of their rut that they've been in since about issue 50.  I'm hoping that new writer Felicia Henderson can resurrect this book and bring in some of the older Titans to help the desperate Wonder Girl.  

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