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Kids Fighting Like Kids

 This issue turned out to be not too bad. I did not like the beginning forshadowing a death. I never liked that kind of story structure. It does not so much create drama as it makes me ignore a lot of story trying to figure out who bites the bullet. 
However the next scene that has the team arguing about what to do, and who is the next in command was done very well.  
  The Teen Titans both look and act like teens, it is refreshing to see that the creators are not trying to make them act like adults. 
although, I have always wondered why they never worry about or seem to be searched for by their parents. Unlike previous incarnations, this group seems to have no connections with outside influences of an adult nature. But I Digress. 
   The art is crisp, I like it a lot. As the writing shows these teens to be kids, the art shows it also.  Being a loyal follower of the Teen Titans since Trigon first showed his ugly mug, I am excited to see this new Fearsome Five in action.  The back up feature with Ravager, is still just a decent but ultimately wasted couple of pages. I like it okay, but I would rather pay a dollar less, or have those pages dedicated to a main story.

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