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A Rave Review!

WOW, this story continues to get better! I don't know where to start for my review! The characterization of the Titans from the writer and artist stand point is incredible and it seems as though the creative team really understands the team. I'm pleased to see growth of self for Blue Beetle, but why is his armor acting up, is this a story being described in his backup in [i]Booster Gold[/i]? No explanation is given, but despite this, Jamie steps up to the plate as leader in Wonder Girl's absence, who stands defiant to her captors until her rescue. It seems though, that Aquagirl may be more suited as second in command since it was she who took charge and brought the Titans to focus on the mission at hand when everyone was distracted. On a side note, I like that both Blue Beetle and Aquagirl are fluent in Spanish and speak it out loud to themselves from time to time. We even have a cool new lineup of the Fearsome Five to rave about, and the battle between they and the Titans is definitely going to rock! The only negative thing I fear with this is that we know by the story's introduction that one of the Titans is sure to die. Manoman, don't these guys get a break?!

The Ravager backup remains interesting, but doesn't quite hold up to the main story this issue. Rose is a Titan favorite and I'm looking forward to seeing where her sabbatical takes her, but there wasn't a whole lot of progression with this short tale. I'm looking forward to seeing the story taking a leap forward with #74.

~ Hype

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