Teen Titans #7

    Teen Titans » Teen Titans #7 - Assault on Project 13 released by DC Comics on May 2012.

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    Are the Teen Titans ready to stage an assault on N.O.W.H.E.R.E.? No way! But as Red Robin explains to the rest of his team, they'll have to rally to save the Superboy from certain death. And through all of this, only Solstice learns a secret Red Robin has been hiding that could tear the team apart just as they have finally come together!



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    Thanks Danny 0

    THE GOOD: I really like the art in this series. It's very good and it's even better because he hasn't had to take a break to catch up and have a fill in. I think this makes the art stick out a lot more then some other series that are having fill ins. The story is continuing from Superboy and Teen Titans as they are fighting N.O.W.H.E.R.E. I think the villains is interesting and I really think that the end of this issue is really going to pave the way for all the other things that happens during ...

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    Teen Titans hit their low 0

    Alright, I realize this title has good points, and it has it's appeal, but honestly I'm reading too many flaws to keep me interested. Teen Titans #7 honestly loses a lot of what makes it enjoyable because of such sheer story telling problems and poor dialogue that the things that are good about it have become few and far between.I guess a good as place as any to start with is the info dump at the beginning, which begins perhaps the most noticeable flaw of the issue: They decide to show, not tell...

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    Shows how cross comic plots can be of issue 0

    Okay, I will admit that this was not the best Teen Titan comic...but blame Superboy for it. No, not Superboy the character, but his comic itself, as you need to have read pretty far into it to understand it.As to me, I only have Superboy 1, which is because I am alloted only four comics a week, and as Justice League and Teen Titans are perenial picks for myself (Static shock would be too if the shop would restock a #6...or should I just grab 7,), that leaves me only 14 other comics a month, assu...

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