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Things Are Getting Better

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So far, I have disliked this series, and though I wouldn't say that this issue has changed my opinion, it is a step in the right direction.

The Good:

The characters are starting to get fleshed out a bit. There are still a few individuals such as Skitter and Solstice which we know almost nothing about, but the other characters are beginning to take shape. The dialogue in this issue was clever in most places showcasing the Teen Titans varying personalities, but there were definitely a few missteps where things felt simply a little dated. For instance, the villain of this piece jabbers on about himself in the most typical of supervillain cliches. However, for every misstep, there were a couple of lines that made me grin. The art continues to be solid having moments of brilliance and moments that are simply above par. Lobdell seems intent on filling in the back story on these characters little by little which is not as I would have preferred, but at least the gaps are being slowly filled.

The Bad:

Though this issue is an improvement overall, I still feel like Lobdell cuts too many corners in his writing. The crisis with Kid Flash is filled with meaningless techno babble, and in the end, the problem is resolved too easily. The villain is only foiled because he is a cookie cutter villain in terms of telling the heroes what they need to know to defeat him. Static is demonstrated as a genius through outlandish means that stand out even in the world of comic books. In short, Lobdell's writing feels old school. He still clings to the over-the-top cliches that most comics have phased out over the years.

Verdict: Teen Titans 6 is definitely worth the read. It's not perfect, and certain aspects of Lobdell's writing makes me cringe, but the overall story is not bad, and the clever interaction between the characters makes it worth the price of admission. It's the best issue of Teen Titans in the DCNU so far, but there is still plenty of room for improvement.

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