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Good, but its still needs..... 0

The story continues, as a bit more of Bart Allan's shadowy past is revealed, Skitter is back in the full group, they go to Star Labs, Static guest stars and a creepy new villain, Grymm, appears.Also, Bunker says in canon that he is gaySkitter and Bunker are given some glory moments in combat, they X over with Static, giving the series another member from the ......other age of the TitansBut Static doesn't seem to be joining the team.....well maybe after his series ends he could.....STATIC IN THE...

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Mild shock 0

Alright, so after a bit of a pause I decided to give Teen Titans another look... and all I can really say it's probably one of the most uneven books I've read in the new DCU. mostly, things were either great (Batwoman, Batman, Wonder Woman etc.), Horrible (Hawk and Dove, Legion) average, or average with good points. but this just wobbles from side to side, never really finding it's place.The main problem in this book, which I'm noticing in a lot of Scott Lobdell's recent work, is that it breaks ...

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In the middle of the road lies... 0

So Teen Titans #6 is here...and for the first time my internal pressure system hasn't overheated, either signs of something good or something bad, lets take a look:Previously:Ok, the gig is that a mysterious organization with the strange name N.O.W.H.E.R.E. has been abducting super-powered teens for...some reason or another that's so far not been explained, but according to Red Robin they have approval to do so from everyone short of God. Red Robin, previously Batman's sidekick and now mostly Wi...

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Will Kid Flash survive? 0

This is my video review for Teen Titans issue 6. In this issue we see Kid Flash gets hurt from his last battle from Superboy and now he will need the help of Static Shock to save his life....

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Bunkers Save 0

Scott Lobdell has been taking advantage of the fact that he is writing most of the Young Justice series by having Superboy and Teen Titans crossing over and over. Now, we get to see the Teen Titans do a bit of their own thing.  THE GOOD: The art is great in this issue. I really like the way that Brett Booth draws the characters and the surrounds. I think that he can draw emotion fairly good and I like seeing his art in these issues. The story picks up from the last issue to me. I really like see...

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Comic Review -- Teen Titans #6: By the Light... / Scott Lobdell, 0

Originally posted on my blog, The Comics Cove, not too long ago...Fairly epic cover, though it's another "this scene isn't in the story" cover. Red Robin actually never takes on Grymm, and there's certainly never any danger of the skirmish landing on Kid Flash and Static. Still, it's a good action shot, and it lends some context to Bart's condition in the aftermath of the Superboy skirmish.The Titans are starting to limp away from their fight with Superboy, when the N.Y.P.D. try to arrest them. ...

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Things Are Getting Better 0

For more thoughts on Teen Titans, try my blog, Teen Titantics: far, I have disliked this series, and though I wouldn't say that this issue has changed my opinion, it is a step in the right direction.The Good:The characters are starting to get fleshed out a bit. There are still a few individuals such as Skitter and Solstice which we know almost nothing about, but the other characters are beginning to take shape. The dialogue in this issue was c...

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