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Welcome to the mind of M'gann M'orzz, Miss Martian! It's bad enough when the world you live in is alien to you, but when you have something inside you clawing to get out and destroying everything you stand for, that's at least a little bit worse, right? Also: more of Clock King's malefic machinations!

The Clock King has assembled a new team of "Terror Titans" (teenage villains who come from a legacy of evil) including Dreadbolt, Copperhead, Persuader and Disruptor to take down the Teen Titans! After assaulting and capturing Kid Devil, the Terror Titans attack Titans Tower, capturing Titans tech support Wendy and Marvin before going head-to-head with Ravager. Ravager quickly dispatches Copperhead, Persuader and Dreadbolt, but not before they apparently blow up half of Titans Tower!



• It's time we check in on one of the newer Teen Titans: Megan "Ms. Martian" Morse (and don't that name sound so familiar?). Of late, Megan's been struggling to contain the mind of her evil future self whom she absorbed during the Titans last bout with their evil future selves. In an attempt to retain a level of normalcy, Megan has moved to Arizona and tried to start a life as a normal teen, but whenever she gets too mad at the little voice in her head, evil future Megan can take over the body and do what she wants with it!

• Meanwhile, Disruptor is sleeping with Clock King (ew!) and the pair discuss the impending takedown of the Titans, which they think will be easy once Kid Devil and Ravager are in the bag. Oh, and it's Disruptor's job to keep tabs on Ms. Martian.

• Speaking of whom, our lovely green lady wants to start a normal life in school, but without a Social Security number and other identity data, she's S.O.L. Robin refuses to help her, but evil future Megan takes matters into her own hands and gets the paperwork together by...less than honest means. On Megan's first real days of school, she's attacked in class by Disruptor, who almost manages to split the two Megans apart, but when they fight amongst themselves, Disruptor knocks Ms. Martian out for the count. She awakens to find herself alone in a dark room, with a hellishly changed Kid Devil!!


Eagle-eyed readers may have caught reference to "The Dark Side Club" on page 12, and that New Gods-related organization from Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle series should be a portent of bad things to come for Kid Devil. What's more...word has it that the Club will play a role in Morrison's Final Crisis, which means we're getting our first taste of crossover right here. It really is summer, isn't it?


We love that joke, and we love the idea that Ms. Martian won't be quibbling with her future self forever. Sure, this makes for some meaty character work for now, but eventually, someone's going to have to help Megan get the white out, whether that'll be Disruptor or someone else is yet to be seen. But at least the panel above let's us know it's possible.


Man, what a messed up version of everyone's favorite little devil to kick off this week's issue. Our one complaint? We still haven't found out what happened with last week's cliffhanger!



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