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The new and deadly Bolt descends upon Titans Tower! When your soul is due to become forfeit in just a few short years, what do you do? If you're Kid Devil, you throw a super hero party! One Teen Titan will fight to stop it, and another consider a life of crime because of it!

When fighting Shockwave in Arizona, things go badly when Kid Devil tries to save the team. Because he got knocked away, he wasn't aware of the "plan" they were setting up. They all take out their anger on him and blame him for Shockwave getting away. As they prepare to leave since the weekend is over, Kid Devil is dismayed to find that even M'Gann is leaving. She's the only one he can really talk to but she feels she needs to start her own life outside of the Titans also. Trying to connect with the few remaining at the Tower (Wendy, Marvin, Rose) Kid Devil just feels more and more alone.

He tries talking things over with Zatara but he's in Australia about to go onstage for a performance. Kid Devil thought having powers and Blue Devil's sidekick would be the best thing in the world. He only has a couple years left until he has to pay the price to Neron and become his servant for gaining his powers.

Kid Devil decides to go to the Titans' message board and throw a party with some fans. They are excited to actually be able to go into the Titans Tower. Things soon start going down as some of the "guests" are looking for the other Titans and/or booze. Kid Devil strikes up a conversation with one kid who has a background working in the film business thanks to his dad. Kid Devil finds his talk fascinating.

The other guests start getting into trouble, doing things like "punking" Batman and searching for Wonder Girl's panties. One accidentally sets off an alarm and soon Robin is on screen yelling at Kid Devil for being so immature to think throwing a party there would be okay. Soon Wonder Girl is furious for her invasion of privacy. Blue Beetle laughs at him. Wendy and Marvin are upset over the breach of security they work so hard to maintain. Rose is mad that he waits until she is off island to get the idea of throwing a party.

Eddie has no place to go. He heads out, wearing a hooded sweatshirt and ends up in a diner. Surprisingly, Terry, the party guest he had the conversation with appears. It turns out that he is no longer in Hollywood because he got a better offer up in San Francisco. Terry tells him it'd be cool if they could be friends. He asks him if he got in trouble for the party. Then tells him that they'd probably be more understanding if they knew about his deal with Neron. Eddie is shocked that Terry would know about that. Terry tells him he shouldn't have been on the roof talking (to Zatara) where there wasn't any soundproofing. He then unzips his jacket and reveals his costume.

It turns out that Terry Boltiansky's father wore the same costume and was an enemy of Blue Devil. Eddie jumps at Terry who hits him with a blast. Eddie responds by punching Terry through the window. Eddie doesn't understand why he would try to be friends with him. They begin fighting but Terry tells him it doesn't have to be this way.

Finally Terry is able to get Eddie to listen. He tells him about the better offer he got. They're going to take down the Titans and make a lot of money doing it. He offers Eddie a place with them. Eddie tells him he can screw off. The rest of Terry's team arrives. (Apparently) led by the Clock King, the Terror Titans have arrived in town.

Kid Devil is happy to have more people to hit. He thinks he can take them all down but is mistaken. Clock King replies that there's one Titan down and now to move on to the rest.


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