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Ok, this one was a touch Personal

Ok, so Short story long here, My Girlfriend and I Play Cassie and Tim in a Marvel/DC Rp we are in so she and I have been watching Tim and Cassie's relationship like a hawk. And what amazes us is some of the stuff we have done in our RP was mirrored in the Comic.

Let me say now that I don't like this mirror.. While I understand the Motivations of Cassie for Breaking up with Tim, that she needs more time to make sure he's not just a Rebound kinda thing, the Writers forget on major thing

It's been a year since Conner Died. An entire year. 365 days.. That is not a rebound folks thats called Growing up, and moving on.

Overall though the Emotional tension was drawn out well and Written well.

But I am hating that they are breakign up

(Then again There needs to be some Continuity between this series and the writers of Robin, either that or Tim is a Two timer, and Well My home boy don't roll that way . )

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