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“IN THE BEGINNING…” The origin of the Teen Titans (between THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #54 and #60). The Teen Titans disband.

Guardian, and the Bumblebee, review the Teen Titans' first case. On the hunt for a master thief, Robin is stunned to discover that the thief is Batman. Robin attempts to subdue his mentor, but is quickly defeated. Robin journeys to Metropolis, to enlist the aid of Superman, in bringing the Batman to justice. There, in Metropolis, Robin encounters Aqualad. Responding to a distress signal from the S.S. Sunset, Aqualad discovered the passenger liner being robbed by Topo, along with other aquatic creatures.

Aqualad follows the marine marauders to a hidden grotto, where the sea creatures deliver the stolen goods to Aquaman. Aqualad has also come to Metropolis to garner Superman's aid. As has Kid Flash, Speedy, and Wonder-Girl, all of whom share similar stories of their mentors going rogue, Fearing that Superman, too, may have turned to crime, the five teenaged heroes decide to handle the problem themselves. Robin decides that the best strategy is not to confront their own mentors.

Thus, it is Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad who engage Wonder Woman, while she's attempting to hijack a plane. Wonder Woman nearly defeats the three teen heroes, when Robin manages to bind her with the bat-rope. Speedy and Wonder Girl journey to Central City to take on the Flash. While Speedy distracts the Flash, Wonder Girl manages to bind the Flash with her magic lasso. Robin, and Kid Flash, apprehend Aquaman. Speedy, and Wonder Girl, take down the Batman.

The teen heroes rendezvous at the Justice League of America's mountain headquarters, with their captives. Aqualad, and Kid Flash, head out to bring down the Green Arrow. Inside the mountain base, Wonder Girl, Speedy, and Robin are startled by the sudden appearance of the Antithesis. The alien creature has turned the Justice League of America into criminals, so that it may feed off the psychic energy released whenever they successfully complete a crime.

Thanks to the efforts of the teen heroes, the Antithesis has been greatly weakened. When Kid Flash, and Aqualad, defeat the Green Arrow, the Antithesis fades away. The Justice League of America immediately return to normal. Inspired by comments from Wonder Woman, and the Flash, the teen heroes decide to form their own team, the Teen Titans. As Guardian, and the Bumblebee, finish the tale, the other Teen Titans enter the room. The team has unanimously decided to disband. After some heartfelt goodbyes, the Teen Titans go their separate ways.

Note: This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, The Joker in "Clowning Around."


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