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The Titans of Tomorrow...Today: Part 1 of 4 - The Titans of Tomorrow are here today! The super-popular future Titans have arrived in our present time, and they've already taken out the Justice League. What crucial historical event are they here to stop - or contribute to?


Nine years from now, Conner is talking to his "Pa," Lex in Smallville. He tells him that he can feel the past changing. They failed in wiping the Teen Titans' memories before they went back to their present. They know what their future holds and are determined to prevent it. Conner is confused because his memories are beginning to change and he thinks he dies. Lex tells him there's only one thing to do...fight.

In the present, Blue Beetle takes a trip to the Titans Tower in San Francisco. They told him he could hang out with them some time. He is surprised that he is able to land on the roof without any notice. His armor informs him that the security system has been deactivated. Going inside, he is shocked to find the Justice League (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter) held captive and some older versions of the Titans standing over them.

The older Titans consist of Batman (Time Drake), Wonder Woman (Cassandra Sandsmark), Superman (Conner Kent), Flash (Bart Allen), Red Devil (Ed Bloomberg), and Martian Manhunter (M'Gann M'Orzz).

Robin immediately tells them that they can't be from the future since Bart and Conner are dead. "Wonder Woman" says it's true that they died and "Flash" quickly jumps in saying that Robin was successful in finally cloning them.

They tell the Titans that they needed these JLAers to be preoccupied on this day. Certain things need to happen a certain way. They need to make sure that the future (their past) doesn't any more. Supergirl notes to Ravager that there isn't a future version of either of them. Robin tells "Batman" that their cause is hopeless because he will never become Batman and will never carry a gun like this future one does. "Batman" asks how is is possible then that he is standing right there? He tells Robin that he still hasn't witnessed all his loved ones die. "Superman" interrupts them saying that they have less than an hour before Starro sends a bunch of super villains out to perform different attacks to keep them distracted and to weaken the JLA. Kid Devil asks about the "weakened" part. Red Devil begins to answer but "Flash" reminds him that they can't reveal too much to them. It is up to the Teen Titans to fight and defeat Starro in their place. Ravager says she knows she's good but they're crazy to think that the six of them could take the place of the Justice League. "Wonder Woman" tells them that they have no choice but to go out. If they try to free the captured JLA members, their prisons will kill them.

As they fly out, Supergirl tries telling Wonder Girl not to get distracted as she watches "Superman" and "Wonder Woman" fly together. She tells her that the more she thinks about them, the closer their future will be to becoming like theirs.

The Titans fight different villains as their future counterparts watch. In Chicago, Ravager is fighting Livewire and Rampage. Kid Devil is about to go help her when "Flash" and Red Devil tell him that Rose is just bad news for him and the team. They will be better off if they allow her to be killed. Kid Devil is outraged by this. As he goes to help her, Red Devil stops him. He tells Kid Devil that he knows what he's talking about from experience. As Rose asks him for help, he stands with his head down and apologizes to her.

After Robin barely defeats Prometheus, he tells "Batman" that he's letting the people in the hospital die. "Batman" tells him that they were going to die anyways and that number will be insignificant to the number that will die if he doesn't start taking a new more aggressive approach. Robin tells him he's right and knocks the gun out of his hand. He jumps for it and says he will start making a difference starting with...them, as he holds the gun to his own head.


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Robin with a gun to his head...guaranteed chat icon 0

Robin as Batman is crazy...I remember reading when he had a gun in the past...but what is going to happen in the future where the Titans will become this bad. And why are there not future versions of Supergirl and Ravager. Possibly dead?I liked that Blue Beetle showed up to hang out, but no one was really there. I liked the insights brought about from this new timeline...and I suspect the future heroes being there as not being a good thing as Superman was talking to his papa Lex. One insight for...

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