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A Titan dies! Are Nightwing and Donna Troy the next targets? A Countdown tie-in. The aftermath after fighting the Titans East. How will the Titans deal with another death? How will Robin and Nightwing deal with Jason Todd's involvement? How will Wonder Girl deal with Match's presence?


Three days earlier

Duela Dent is in an alley and gets shot in the back by a high tech looking gun (see Countdown #51).


The Titans are flying to Duela's funeral. Despite her confusion, she was a Titan. Nightwing, Robin, and Donna Troy decide to look into her murder after the funeral. Jericho, still in Match's body, says he can't because he is fighting to control Match. Cyborg, Miss Martian, Kid Devil, Beast Boy, and Raven all are going to go back to San Francisco to figure out what to do with Jericho. Cassie is the last to speak up. She decides to join Nightwing because she can't bear to be around Match. Ravager also decides to go with since most of the others are going with her brother.

Later in Manhattan, Nightwing and the Titans are talking to the pop star, Tracey that Duela tried kidnapping right before she was killed. As Nightwing and Robin try to get information out of her, Donna tries to talk with Cassie about letting go of Conner. Tracey finally mentions that when she was let go, "some guy in a red hood" came. This tells Nightwing and Robin where to go to next.

They manage to track down Jason Todd. As Nightwing and Robin have his arms pinned, they ask him if he killed Duela. He tells them that he told Jimmy Olsen that it was an alien. He then proceeds to hit Robin in the face and knees Nightwing in the crotch. Ravager comes from behind and holds a knife to his neck. Donna holds back Nightwing and Cassie keeps Robin back. Donna is sure that Jason didn't have anything to do with killing her. The two of them spoke at Duela's grave after the others left (see Countdown #48). Nightwing still doesn't trust Jason and doesn't like how he keeps popping up. As they prepare to leave, Jason yells at them that next time they want to try to kick his ass, they don't have to hide behind a "useless investigation." Robin turns back and kicks Jason in the crotch with a "boof" and says to consider that "next time."

In San Francisco, Beast Boy lets Kid Devil know that he can come to them if he has a problem or feels like he doesn't fit in since he's the youngest. Jericho is still fighting Match when he finally snaps and hits Cyborg and Raven. Miss Martian is unable to touch him and he blows Kid Devil into the wall. Beast Boy turns into a huge grizzly but Match just slams him down. Match screams out for Wonder Girl.

The others are now checking out the alley where Duela was shot. Ravager notices the way some boxes are smashed and the way the fence is bent and figures out where Duela must have been. Nightwing tries to analyze the energy residue from the scorch marks left when his device is blasted from above. A voice and bright light tells them that it is under his control. They figure if they can cause a distraction, Ravager can make her way up to see who it is. Cassie is about to fly up to cover Ravager when she realizes she's lost her powers again. Ravager barely avoids getting hit by a blast and they suddenly find themselves teleported to San Francisco. Nightwing doesn't like being told what he can investigate but they have to deal with Match first. They all attack him but Cassie stands back because she doesn't have her powers. Donna tells her she should try in case they've come back. With tears streaming down her face, Cassie approaches Match. She tells him it's okay, that she's there. Match calms down and Raven uses her powers to further soothe him. Jericho is now back in control. Robin tells Cassie that he wants to help her with her powers or anything else that's bothering her.

Cassie decides she needs to get away and goes to Supergirl's apartment back in Manhattan. Supergirl is surprised when Cassie tells her she flew all the way there because her powers could have cut out again. She tried to talk to her mom but they ended up fighting. Next she went back to the alley but all traces of Duela's murder had been wiped clean. Supergirl turns on the television and a news report comes on detailing the events in Washington D.C. The Amazons are attacking.



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Good Bye Duela wont be missed. I hated her and when I saw her die in Countdown I was very very happy. Now the funeral I am cool with because of all the cool things we see. I like the cover and art btw. Very good. I could feel the emotion behind Wonder Girl missing has not been that long since he died and having that mockery Match in front of her face does not help things. I hope her and Robin get together which looks as though it will happen. What is up with Beast Boy an...

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