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Deathstroke's true motives are revealed as the shocking conclusion of "Titans East" explodes! Who has come to aid in the fight against Slade's boys and girls? And what new team of Titans — East and West — will rise out of the ashes of this epic battle?!


Nightwing, Donna Troy, and Flash have arrived to help the Titans with Deathstroke and his Titans East. Deathstroke says to himself that everything he's done in his career has had meaning. They don't get his reasons for everything he's put them and his kids through. The battle has begun again. Cyborg and Risk fight. Duela, on the Titans' side now, fights agianst Enigman. Miss Martian and Sun Girl go at it again. Raven tells the human Kid Devil that she can remove the demon essence from Kid Crusader but she'd have to put it back inside him. He has to decide if he is willing to take it back. Deathstroke fights with Nightwing. Nightwing still falls for Deathstroke's tricks. Deathstroke has every move planned and continues to set Nightwing up for the next one. But Deathstroke is not just fighting Nightwing. Donna, Raveger, Batgirl, and Jericho want a piece of him too.

As they all try to attack Deathstroke, he is still able to push, toss, and hit them aside. He keeps taunting them, especially Rose. He plays with their emotions to make them lose their balance.

As the others fight, Kid Devil agrees to take back the demon. He says, under his breath, he can't let someone else take Neron's curse. Kid Devil is back as Kid Crusader is once again human.

Match is back to show his "hate" for Cassie. Robin is at her side. Match is "happy" that she found someone else to "hate" when she shows concern after he hits Robin.

Inertia is full of arrogance as he heads towards Flash. Bart tells him that he's not going to hurt anyone he cares about again. As they collide, Inertia is on the ground. Flash steps on and breaks his leg, even though he knows it'll heal quickly. It will give him time to take his body and throw it at Match to get him away from Cassie.

The fight continues and continues with the Titans again regrouping against Deathstroke. Batgirl is ready to kill him but Nightwing stops her. He says he can't let her kill him. He wants Deathstroke to pay for his crimes in a court. Ever resourceful, Deathstroke continues to use them against each other. Grabbing Cyborg's arm, he uses his cannon to get them off their feet. He says he will continue to fight until he gets his kids. Robin says he will never win. They are not his kids anymore. They part of their family now. Deathstroke says they're fools and could never trust them because they are of his blood. Nightwing says they've proven themselves over and over many times.

Raveger is happy and heads towards her dad, saying she has a real family now. As she raises her sword towards him, Match's eyes begin to light up and he says, "Live." Heat rays shoot out towards Raveger but are blocked by Cassie's bracelets. Rose is surprised that Cassie saved her since she can't stand her. Cassie responds that Robin was right, they are family now.

Cyborg can barely keep Match in check when Jericho makes eye contact with him and possess him. Deathstroke runs away. The Titans prepare to chase him but the Tower comes down, allowing his escape.

The Titans search through the rubble but Deathstroke is nowhere to be found. Duela Dent and Batgirl are missing too along with Inertia. Flash takes off to try to find him. Robin tells him they can help but Flash says Inertia is his responsibility. Beast Boy asks what will they do with the island now that it's trashed so badly. Donna says they'll just make it theirs again.


Inertia has helped Deathstroke escape. He's created false trails that he says will keep Flash busy for weeks. Deathstroke says he'll call the Rougues in Keystone to let him in on their plans for Flash. As they depart and Deathstroke leaves on his own, he ponders over the recent events. He tells himself he's many things including a killer but he's not a father. He now knows that the Titans will take care of his kids. They are safe. He has given them the one thing he never could, a real family.



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