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On Dog Island, Donna Troy runs from Jed Jukes, and a pack of dogs. Troy seeks sanctuary in the old Wickersham Estate. Troy reads to the elderly widow, Miss Wickersham. Jukes, and his dogs, prowl about the grounds of the estate. Acting on one of Lilith Clay's precognitive visions, the Teen Titans drive out to Dog Island. Out on the dunes, Clay thinks she sees Troy, but none of the others do. Speedy is suddenly caught by a wire, stretched across the road, and violently wrenched out of the Teen Titan's jeep. The remaining Teen Titans protect Speedy, while battling against the Jukes brothers. After running off the Jukes, the Teen Titans rendezvous with Troy, at the Wickersham Estate.

Upon questioning, Troy denies being out on the dunes at night. Clay, though, notices wet sand on Troy's boots. Clay tries to read Troy's thoughts, only to find her psychic abilities blocked. The Teen Titans enjoy a day at the beach. Clay, though, cannot shake her unease. Robin, as Dick Grayson, remarks that the Wickersham Estate's architectural design is incongruous with the period when it was, supposedly, built. That night, Clay sees Troy sleepwalking through the corridor. Clay follows, only to be ambushed from behind. The male Teen Titans are awoken by the death scream of Wickersham's cat. The Teen Titans find the cat, strangled to death. Clay recovers, and reveals what she saw. The Jukes surround Troy, on the beach.

Jed Jukes commands his dogs to attack. Astonishingly, they turn on Jukes, and begin rending him to shreds, with their teeth and claws. The Teen Titans rescue Jukes, taking him back to the Wickersham Estate, to treat his injuries. Out on the dunes, Clay sees Troy speaking with an unknown spectre. Upon returning to the Wickersham Estate, Clay finds Troy sleeping. In Troy's hand is a small device, which was used to strangle the cat. Clay accuses Troy of being demonically possessed. The Teen Titans suspect Jukes. The Teen Titans, though, find Jukes missing, when they go to check on him. Clay takes Wickersham's locket off of her, while she sleeps. As Clay turns to leave, Wcikersham rises up behind her, and begins strangling Clay.

The Teen Titan's find Jukes strung up, upside down, in the basement. Troy enters the room, and strikes out at her teammates, with a powerful mystic force. The Teen Titans begin writhing uncontrollably. The spectral figure, from the dunes, rescues Clay's life. Professing his love for Wickersham, the ghostly guardian instills a coma-ike condition upon her. Robin breaks a window, letting in the rays of the rising sun. Troy comes out of her trance, ending the mystic assault on the Teen Titans. Again, Troy has no memory of her nocturnal activities. Upon discovering Wickersham's condition, Troy becomes extremely distressed. Clay reveals that Wickersham is a witch. Three centuries ago, Wickersham was known as Magda Drachwyck.

On her wedding day, she was possessed by an aging demoness, and compelled to slay her would-be husband, Gregori. Upon the demoness' death, Drachwyck took her place among her coven. Forced to flee the country, Drachwyck had her house brought to, and rebuilt on, Dog Island. The Jukes' dogs are really Drachwyck's unholy followers, transformed into canine form, to survive the passing of the centuries. Clay reveals that the spectre is Gregori, haunting Drachwych, until the day they can be reunited. Now, Wickersham lays near death. Should she die while Troy is still under her spell, the demoness possessing Drachwyck will transfer to Troy. The Teen Titans tear Wickersham Estarte apart, searching for the fetish Wickersham is using on Troy.

Clay finds a star spangle, from Troy's Wonder Girl costume in Wickersham's locket. With Wickersham's death only seconds away, Speedy fires the spangle into the sea, breaking the spell. Wickersham's death release Drachwyck's soul, which reunites, in death, with Grigori.

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