Teen Titans #32

    Teen Titans » Teen Titans #32 - Doomsday released by DC Comics on March 1, 2006.

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    An INFINITE CRISIS tie-in! Superboy-Prime meets Superboy as the Boys of Steel confront one another about their roles in this universe.


    Conner is watching a news report on Superman's heroism, most notably in El Paso, with Krypto. Conner muses about his desire to be like Superman and to be a hero before deciding that it might be the time to rejoin the Teen Titans. As he places his Titans communicator in his pocket, he overhears a conversation between Ma and Pa Kent and a unknown party.

    As Conner walks to the door inquisitively wanting to tell Pa Kent the good news, he stumbles upon a hovering Superboy-Prime who smiling remarks that he is Superboy and he is his replacement.

    In Key Mordaz, Florida, the current home and operating base of the Doom Patrol, Robotman, Nudge, Grunt, and Negative Man run through the hallways to go see the Chief. Nudge and Grunt complain about having to go join the mainstream and help out in the oncoming crisis despite being ostracized as freakshows. Robotman and Negative Man give a short lecture on being heroes while Beast Boy sneaks in as a mouse. He is startled by a mouse-sized Elasti-Girl who grabs him as she grows to the height two story house. She questions but Chief introduces him to the Doom Patrol. Robotman says his name rings a bell and Beast Boy asks why isn't Elasti-Girl dead.

    Back at the Kent farm, Conner is punched so hard that he is sent flying into a tractor, which explodes not to far from the Kents. Conner is unsure whether this is real, another spiritual journey with Raven or one of Luthor's tricks. When Conner relocates his shoulder and tells the Kents to run, Superboy-Prime tells him that he would never hurt good people and how he isn't a good person, having Lex Luthor's blood in his veins.

    Pa Kent's attempts to get Superboy-Prime to calm down and talk it out piss Superboy-Prime off making him yell that he is through with talking. The next thing Conner and the reader knows is that Superboy-Prime rockets into Conner and flies through trees and buildings with Conner taking the brunt of the impact.

    While Conner acts as Superboy-Prime's human shield, Superboy-Prime goes on about when he was the only Superboy and how he hates that a science experiment gone wrong has taken his place. Superboy-Prime tries to punch Conner face in but Krypto followed them and then mauls Superboy-Prime, saving Conner. As Krypto draws blood and Superboy-Prime screams in pain, Conner sends out a distress signal in his Titans communicator and murmurs a plea for help. Soon, Krypto is tossed hard into a building. Conner is furious, removing his shirt to reveal his trademark T-shirt, signaling that he means business.

    Back at Doom Patrol HQ, Robotman thinks Beast Boy is mad but Chief curtly throws the comment back in Robotman's face. Robotman doesn't back down, defending Elasti-Girl. Elasti-Girl comments that she doesn't remembered but it's generally ignored. The Chief explains that Beast Boy says he has been having recurring dreams since he got back from the gateway of life and death. Beast Boy takes liberties to finish, saying like when he was a kid and in his early teens, he remembers looking up to Elasti-Girl. Nudge snorts that they all do.

    Beast Boy gives her a look but says the Brotherhood of Evil trapped her, Robotman, Negative Man and the Chief on this island and they forced them to choose between giving up their own lives or allowing the Brotherhood to destroy a fishing village full of people. The Chief rolls over to his computer with a bar of chocolate, saying that he has been having the same dreams, just never admitting it. Immediately afterwards, Beast Boy's Titans communicator beeps and he receives Conner's message, saying that they have to leave.

    Superboy-Prime and Conner fight an intense battle and wreck Keystone City in the process. Conner is losing and after Superboy-Prime teases Conner about not having a cape, Conner laughs. Superboy-Prime is confused but Conner opens his fist to show his glowing Titans communicator.

    Soon, Superboy-Prime is attacked by the current Teen Titans team, Flash, some former members of the Teen Titans such as Red Star, Mirage, Wildebeest, Pantha, and Risk, the Doom Patrol, and the JSA as Wonder Girl rescues Conner.

    As Doctor Mid-Nite and the Chief approach, Raven, Robin, and Wonder Girl tend to a severely injured Conner. Wonder Girl explains that Kid Flash brought the JSA and Beast Boy brought the Doom Patrol. When asked who is Superboy-Prime, Conner has no clue. Raven tries to heal him but won't and can't saying that her powers have been going haywire ever since the end of Teen Titans #29 when Brother Blood returned. Doctor Mid-Nite says that the Spectre is to blame and according to Zatanna, magic has deteriorated and a new age is dawning.

    Conner passes out as each of the heroes take a crack at Superboy-Prime, from Jay, Wally and Bart trying to triple team him, to Terra using her geokinesis with Sandman's respective sand-related powers, to Wildcat knocking Superboy-Prime upside his head with a billboard. It climaxes when Speedy decides to use the blue arrow that Arsenal gave her that he stole from Superman's Fortress of Solitude when he was Speedy and part of the original Titans.

    After trapping Superboy-Prime in the Phantom Zone, the heroes catch their breath but Superboy-Prime, upset, breaks out, making his knuckles bleed in the process. As Doctor Mid-Nite uses CPR on Conner with Robin and Wonder Girl at his side, Superboy-Prime breaks free, causing a rift in reality.

    That rift helps Beast Boy and the other members of the Doom Patrol remember everything they forgot and then some. Meanwhile, Superboy-Prime in his rage becomes hard to touch. As Red Star, Pantha, and Wildebeest charge in, Pantha remarks that he is just a stupid and lost kid. Superboy-Prime in a bout of rage backhands Pantha saying that he isn't stupid, but ends up decapitating her.

    As more heroes rush in to help and Superboy-Prime rips his fist through Wildebeest, the Flash family discuss how bad the situation is getting without any of the JLA's help. They plan to put Superboy-Prime into a place where he can't escape. Superboy-Prime rips Risk's arm off, encases Red Star in ice with his ice breath and cuts Bushido in half with heat vision and Kid Flash says goodbye to Robin and Wonder Girl saying take care of each other and don't forget that, adding that the JLA did and look what happened to them.

    The Flashes tap into their highest speeds and summon the Speed Force before pulling Superboy-Prime into the Speed Force. Back in the remnants of downtown Keystone City, the heroes try to put back together the broken pieces as they mourn the death of their loved ones and good friends and try to tend to the severely injured teammates.


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