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Unexpected allies rise from the dead to help the Titans overthrow Brother Blood's reign of terror!


Raven, Cassie, Gar, Bart, and Mia are forced to battle the Blood's zombie Titans West and his army of demon hordes. Brother Blood reveals his plan of killing the current Titans to add it to his own undead Titans team to join him in his conquest of the world and establshing the Church of Blood as the dominating world power.

Kid Flash and Wonder Girl are unsure about holding back and their assailiants but luckily, Speedy fills them in saying that they all died doing the right thing and don't deserved to be trated like this.

The Titans regroup and Kid Flash asks how can Brother Blood do this since he could never raise the dead. Raven re-explains that he is exploiting chaos in this world of magic but there is something else wrong. She can feel that the door is weakening and the dead are threatening to rise everywhere. Kid Flash thinks it is a good time but Raven corrects him saying that there will be no more judgement and the souls and minds will quickly cease to exist.

Beast Boy takes charge putting Wonder Girl in control of the situation to keep Blood, the undead and controlled Titans of the past and his army of bizarre monsters while and Raven are going to see if they can close this door somehow.

As Cassie leads the others into battle, back in Smallville, Conner is watching the news on TV which covers the disappearance of several members of the JLA and the JSA, the death of Maxwell Lord at the hands of Wonder Woman, and the Teen Titans defending Los Angeles from an zombies and a army of bizarre monsters. Martha Kent walks in tells Superboy that he needs to go help his friends in LA but Conner replies pitifully with Luthor didn't clone me to hel p people. Mrs. Kent responds with a that's for him and only him to decide and the world needs a Superboy before leaving.

Back in LA, Raven protests on Beast Boy coming along but Beast Boy insists and Raven obliges. They teleport to the Crossroads, where souls die, come alive and converge for judgment. Beast Boy asks about their kiss in the morgue and Raven says that she wanted to do that as they finally reach the door. Beast Boy's mind comprehends it as a large door that says Life and Death in glowing red letters after Raven explains it what they're minds can comprehend.

A voice comes from in the doorway asking them if they are dead or alive. They respond with alive and it reveals it to Kid Eternity. Raven says that he is the one keeping the door open after being chained to it and Kid Eternity tells his origin story and his powers that would allow him to open and close this door letting out whoever he wanted temporarily. He then tells the two veterans that he was searching from Mr. Keeper when Brother Blood ambushed him and bit him, stealing some of his power but he is bringing back the bodies but not the souls. After learning that the door has been steadily cracking open for a while allowing Superman and others to come back to life, BB and Raven strategize but are ambushed by the undead Madame Rouge, Gizmo, and the first Ravager, Grant Wilson.

Back in the world of the living, Wonder Girl's powers are fluctuating for some reason losing her ability to fly and barely being able to block Kole's crystal shards making her easy bait for the newest Mother Mayhem and Brother Blood. Luckily, Bart comes to Cassie's rescue and gets a couple good hits on him but Blood sicks his demon army on Bart.

In the Crossroads before the doorway of death, Kid Eternity pleads with the two veteran Titans to free him as Raven and BB are battling the three undead villains. Raven's soul-self doesn't effect them and Beast Boy, after taking Madame Rouge down for a moment morphs into an octopus and snatches Ravager's sword and breaks Kid Eternity's chains. Kid Eternity closes the door and the bodies of Rouge, Ravager, and Gizmo turn into ash while Raven takes them back to LA.

Kid Flash is still battling it out with Blood's army but is saved by Speedy who uses her last arrow, a stink bomb arrow, instead of the blue one. The stink bomb arrow manages to keep the demons busy and a powerless Wonder Girl asks her to use it now but Blood corners them nevertheless with his undead Titans.

Suddenly, Raven materializes with BB and Kid Eternity who is in a very bad mood. He sends the zombie Omen, Hawk and Dove, Kole, Aquagirl, and Phantasm's bodies back to ash and their minds back to their rightful place. Brother Blood does not have time to mourn the loss of his "mother" and Kid Eterntiy, as revenge summons the last seven generations of Brother Blood's who are very, very unhappy. Sebastian pleads for help but offscreen it is implied that disturbingly painful events occur.

Kid Eternity cleans up Brother Blood's mess and confirms that everything is back where it should be and Cassie agrees saying her powers have returned.

Before Kid Eternity leaves, Mia asks him if he can let the formerly dead Titans stay in the land of the living. Kid Eternity disapproves saying their time as Teen Titanws are over and they should enjoy their time while they can.

Back in Smallville, Superboy is having breakfast with Ma and Pa Kent and hears from Pa Kent that the Teen Titans took care of the mess in LA and Kid Flash has half of the buildings rebuilt. Conner reflects and agrees but excuses himself. Later that day while looking at pictures in a nostalgic manner, another Superboy threatens him unseen.

Conner is watching the news with Krypto in the living room and thinking Superman saving the day in El Paso with Blue Beetle, Conner thinks about his wish and desire to become a hero like Superman and with his longing to be with his friends again, he picks up his Titans comm-link and puts it in his pocket and heads outside to talk with Pa and Ma Kent but hears voices outside.

He stumbles outside in shock to see himself but in a different costume. Superboy says hello to Conner and when Conner asks him who is he, Superboy replies with I'm your replacement.


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