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Part 1 of a 2-part story featuring the return of Brother Blood! As a result of the magic wars in Day of Vengeance, the barrier keeping Brother Blood trapped in hell is broken and he's back ... with some former Teen Titans! And just whose side is former Titan Lilith on? And isn't she dead?


Around lunchtime Monday morning is Eddie Bloomberg, former sidekick for Kid Devil, sitting around reading comics but ends up getting fired. He visits his aunt's grave but it explodes in his face causing demons to erupt from it.

The demons are transported to Los Angeles 2 mintues later and wreck havoc.

Meanwhile back at Titans Tower a minute later, Raven has recovered but is still weak and Blood taking advantage of this drinks Raven's blood for strength against her will. Beast Boy goes to her rescue and Brother Blood calls for his Mother Mayhem, Lilith, for help who puts BB to sleep. After Brother Blood backslaps Raven, he commands Lilith to take them to Los Angeles. She does so and Brother Blood amplifying her power with a small portion of Raven's teleporting power, they arrive there.

The city of angels is ablaze and in chaos as demons ravage through out the city. Brother Blood is still thirsty and is about to bite Beast Boy but Raven pushes his out of the way and teleports them away.

They arrive in a morgue like about 30 yards away. As BB calls the other Titans, Raven continues with death has lost its meaning and the doorway between life and death has been cracked open for years since Superman came back followed by Green Arrow, Hal Jordan, Jason Todd, Donna Troy, and Golden Eagle and that the Spectre's actions has infected her powers, namely her soul-self and Brother Blood exploited the choas in the magical world and in her soul-self to escape and drag Lilith's lost soul with him.

BB blames himself, considering that literally Vic had left in him in charge for 30 minutes and they got ambushed by Brother Blood and a zombie Lilith. Raven notices BB's wound on his back by Brother Blood's sharp nail-like claws. She wants to heal it but BB refuses and afterwards, Raven and Beast Boy kiss.

In Gateway City, Wonder Girl is in class and her class is talking about Wonder Woman's actions. Since her identity is known, several students poke fun at her, Wonder Woman, and the entire Amazon race. Cassie goes off on him flies up into the air grabbing him and putting him against the ceiling. The teacher threatens her with suspension and she drops him and flies off wishing to be expelled as an image of Ares appears in a window behind her. Cassie stops at the sound of the ringing of her Titan communicator.

In Star City, Mia is in Manufacturing class talking on the phone with Arsenal while trying to make a flash grenade arrow when her Titan communicator rings much to her disappointment. Bart in costume arrives and speaks in super-speed talk asking her if she needs a lift.

Later at the morgue, the Titans have regrouped and Mia is disgusted at being in a morgue and Beast Boy and Raven fills everyone in. After Speedy asks how are they going to close the door between life and death. The morgue blows up and the Teen Titans spring into battle.

In the midst of the battle, Raven senses another prescence and she recognizes most of them. Mia sees pillars of ice appear and celbrates considering the demons hate ice and cold. Cassie almost instantly disagrees saying it's not ice, it's crystal. At everyone's shock, Brother Blood appears with his own team of undead Titans, the New Titans West. On his team is Lilith, Tula / Aquagirl, the original Hawk and Dove, Danny Chase dressed up as Phantasm, and Kole.


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