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The Big Debut

In this issue we see the start of Teen Titans separating into several different story arcs. Cassie only makes a minor appearance in this issue, and this is more of a debut issue for Solstice and Bunker. The issue focuses more on Bunker as he meets Tim Drake and Bunker is a rather charismatic character who sort of has a fanboy feel too him as he seeks to impress Tim. The escape of Kid Flash with solstice from the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. facility I found to be rather humorous as Bart’s movements were numbered in order to follow along; I thought this was a rather clever use of a plot device. I enjoyed this issue mostly for the storyline involving Solstice and Kid Flash, but one of the ending panels involving Skitter – who was incapacitate in the last issue – has a rather interesting reveal. 

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