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The Red Hood pays the Titans a visit to claim his rightful place...over Robin's dead body! And what does Donna Troy's return mean for the team?


The recently ressurected Donna Troy calls Cyborg in Titans Tower around 8:45 Sunday night and she asks him to join her team of superheroes to investigate a rip in space that sparked the Rann-Thanagar War. Cyborg agrees and tells her that he'll have their spaceship ready soon but Beast Boy objects being left behind. Cyborg excuses himself and as they walk through the walls, Beast Boy complains that he is a junior member anymore. Cyborg agrees with him and while he is gone he appoints Beast Boy leader.

As they continue to walk through the hallway conversating, an unseen intruder observese them musing about how he knew that Cyborg and Beast Boy were inseperable, but he never knew them so it doesn't bother him when he electrocutes the veteran Titans.

Raven on the other hand is sleeping in her bed as the intruder looks at her. The intruder actually liked Raven and felt sorry for her even when she lectured him on control his temper which made him reckless and a danger to himself. She even said it could get you killed on day. As the intruder reflects on how right she was, he sincerely hopes that she has a nice dream or two for once as he makes her breathe in knockout gas.

As the intruder stalks through the halls of the empty Tower on Sunday night and after Superboy quit and Speedy, Kid Flash, and Wonder Girl are home for the night there is no one else in his way. The only person conscious and all but aware is Robin who is talking to Batman on his cell phone and after he abrutly ends the conversation, the intruder reveals himself as the Red Hood.

Robin recognizes him as the person that has been cleaning up Gotham the easy way and the Red Hood replies by undressing himself revealing himself to be Jason Todd and attacking Tim.

Meanwhile, Wonder Girl is in her room watching TV with her lasso and boots off but her mom walks in wishing to talk. Cassie is upset that her mom was hiding the fact that her father is Zeus. Before anything can progress, a news bulletin pops up showing Wonder Woman over the dead body of Maxwell Lord who is tied up in her magic lasso ahocking the two into silence.

Jason and Tim continue fighting as Jason is skeptical at the fact that Tim learned of Batman's identity and tracked him down out of sheer skill.

In Smallville, the Kents are watching the news as well with the breaking newstory of Wonder Woman killing Max Lord. Martha Kent doesn't think its her but Johnathan thinks it is her but that man was up to something funny and she was running out of options. Conner walks in and asks what happens when other people like Clark run out of options. Mr. Kent protests it's not his way and Conner agrees saying it isn't Wonder Woman or his but they did it anyway.

As Conner sulks in the corner in his roomer, Jason is beating the crap out of Tim who flies through a door and lands in the Hall of the Fallen Titans. Jason pauses for a moment and cools off, taking in his surroundings. He yells out that they don't have him considering he was a Titan and smashes Troia's statue.

Robin gets a couple hits in but Jason quickly turns the tables on him proving to be a much better hand-to-hand fighter than Tim and rips the R insignia off of Tim's chest before punching him into unconsciousness.

Tim awakens at the sound of Starfire's voice as Troia picks up the R insignia. Tim slowly gets up with help as Herald, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, and Bumblebee cuddle around him. Beast Boy asks who did it and Robin says Jason Todd. Herald just shakes his head at the revealation and Bumblebee notices Raven staring at the wall. Everyone sees what Raven has been staring at the wall with Jason's handwriting in Tim's blood saying Jason Todd was here.

9:45 Monday morning, Beast Boy and Raven are the only ones at the Tower cleaning up the mess in the Hall of the Fallen Titans, Raven talks about Jason's aggressive competitive nature but it has nothing to do what BB's confusion relating to death. Raven says that she can feel it in her soul-self and she has felt something odd for awhile, considering that life and death has lost its meanings. The doorways between them have been cracked open and soulsa re slipping in and out but the doorway must be closed.

Before she can finish her explanation of life and death, Raven shudders and collapses as a result of the Spectre's destruction of magic in the Days of Vengeance storyline. Raven's powers whirl out of her control becoming a living portal and knocking Beast Boy off his feet and crashing into Lilith's statue. Out of Raven's cloak comes out Lilith herself dressed as Omen but shows herself to be undead. Following her is Brother Blood, freed from his prison as portal Raven crackles with orange electricity.

On the other side of town, Jason is leaving for parts unkown admitting to himself that Tim is good and has friends. Jason is left wondering if he was a Titan for a longer period of time would he have been a better Robin and a better person.



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