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Sharon Tracy bears witness to something she should never have seen. Tracy is pursued by two shadowy figures, but manages to escape. In her flight, Tracy drops her purse, unwittingly giving her pursuers her name and address. Aqualad returns to the mainland, in search of the Teen Titans. Aqualad calls on Tracy, who rooms with Donna Troy, Wonder Girl. Still shaken, Tracy mistakes Aqualad for her pursuers. The actual men pursuing Tracy appear, and knock Aqualad to the floor. A brief battle ensues, wherein Aqualad punches both men out Tracy's window. Both men manage to escape.

Aqualad is certain he recognized one of the men. Aqualad checks on Tracy, then brings her to the Teen Titan's headquarters, for safekeeping. Traumatized by what she witnessed, Tracy is incapable of speaking of it to Aqualad. After a quick swim in the river, Aqualad heads to Hudson University, to seek out college student, Dick Grayson. Aqualad finds Grayson, as Robin, battling against a group of thugs. With Aqualad's timely assistance, Robin is able to subdue the ring of car thieves. During the melee, Aqualad remembers where he saw Tracy's attacker before. He's one of the Ocean Master's minions.

Robin brings Aqualad to Mister Jupiter's estate, where the rest of the Teen Titans have been staying. The Teen Titans are reluctant to get involved with Tracy's dilemma. Aqualad and Hank Hall nearly come to blows over their disagreement, but it is actually Robin who Aqualad punches. With Lilith, Mal Duncan and Don Hall restraining Aqualad, Donna Troy explains their reason for being so hesitant to get involved. In a recent case, the Teen Titans were, somewhat, to blame for the shooting death of a peace activist, named Doctor Swenson.

Since that day, the Teen Titans have vowed never to use their super-powers again. Aqualad's attempt to reason with the team, largely, falls on deaf ears, but they do agree to put their costumes on and, at least, speak with Tracy. Lilith probes Tracy's mind, telepathically, to see what Tracy has seen. While walking in the park, Tracy saw two shadowy figures firing a weapon at a third man. This man was transformed into a horrific creature. The Teen Titans discuss the situation for several moments. Aqualad tries to spur them into taking action, but the Teen Titans continue in their reticence to act.

Aqualad storms out, and continues the investigation on his own. Aqualad returns to the park, Tracy was walking through, in search of clues. Aqualad discovers a piece of paper, with scientific notations written on it. Suddenly, Aqualad is struck from behind. It is the Ocean Master, along with two of his men. Despite a valiant effort on Aqualad's part, he is defeated. Aware of his need to replenish himself every hour in salt water, Ocean Master ties Aqualad's unconscious body to a tree, and leaves him in the park to die.

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