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Not Bad, but not good either

Okay, so Kid Flash is Bart Allen rather than Wally West, that does increase my opinion of the book (I still want to know what happened to Wally, though). Also a line states that there have been other versions of the Teen Titans, which I like; how does that fit into the 5-year Timeline is everybody's guess.

What else? Skitter seems kinda generic, Solstice thing as a tortured shadow feels a bit cliche, weapon-Superboy feels old, I don't care much for Cassie's attitude, and I wonder what's Bart' story now. Also the art is very 90s.

Now, I assume that this title is supposed to be attract a younger audience, but I don't think it works. It has a very 1992-feel to it, I dunno. In my opinion, if DC wants kids to read their book they should go more for the cartoon approach; something fun and lighthearted, but with a deeper meaning and real drama behind bright colors. It worked with Justice League Unlimited.


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