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Of all the DC reboots under the new 52 I will say that this one is the smartest, not necessarily the best or the most exciting, but the manner in which the creative team are treating this too-big-to-fail book is quite impressive.  At the center of it is of course Tim Drake, re-imagined here as a combination of costumed vigilante and internet activist/hacker.  It is not just there though that this series is succeeding but also with the other characters, the impetuous Kid Flash, the hard-to-get-along with Wonder Girl, and the potential foe in Superboy.  In addition to the staples though, the introduction of new heroes is being handled well thus far, especially here with Skitter.  All too often a character is introduced with not much thought put into them but here that does not appear to be the case.  It is also interesting that this series is following the Justice League example as after two issues there is not a team per se.  Definitely one of the better titles out there in the new 52.  

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